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The man is the unnamed ringmaster of the Garvey Circus troupe.


A plump man of short height with a thick moustache and short hair, the ringmaster had a pony tail. Though the hair of his head and moustache were light-colored, his brows were dark-colored. He was usually seen with a cane in his hand.

As goes with his job, he is good at performing in public. He stands on the shoulder of a performer at the end of the show and greets the public with a loud voice. [1]


The man appears to treat his employees rather severely. He is a very possessive individual considering Red to be his property and he isnt above abusing Red psychologically to make him work . He is very concerned about the image of the Circus and he berates Cosimov for beating Red while there are still visitors around. However he can be naive, shown with how easily Cosimov lied to him and tricked him into believing Red deserved his beatdown.


The ringmaster has bought Red when he was younger intending to parade him and his red arm in a freak show. [1]However due to Red's intense reluctance to show off his arm, he had the boy do the chores in the circus.[2]

One day, after a representation, the ringmaster hears Cosimov beating Red. He scolds him for doing that when spectators could hear him and demands what is the commotion about. Cosimov tells that he was giving the boy a lesson for slacking off. The ringmaster grabs Allen by the chin and threatens him, reminding him and he belongs to him and that he's nothing but a red-armed freak who would die off in the streets without him. [1]

With Mana becoming increasingly popular, the ringmaster plans to keep him as the star performer of the circus and drive Cosimov out. [3] One night as the staff packs up after the show, the ringmaster congratulates Mana for his performance and offers him a drink. Mana declines as he doesn't drink but the ringmaster insists as he has some matter to discuss with him. Cosimov and his stooge overhear and understand that this is about giving Mana a promotion.[4]




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