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Hevlaska (ヘブラスカ, Heburasuka) is an Exorcist of the European Branch of the Black Order. Holder of The Cube that holds the instructions written by those who made Innocence, she has been acting as the Black Order's prophet and keeper of the shards of Innocence for about one hundred years.


Hevlaska's Innocence has enveloped her entire body and changed it dramatically, leaving it currently cemented in the form it has held for the last one hundred years. She is extremely tall, so much so that a lift and elevated platforms are needed to reach her eye-level/waist-level, respectively, and her body seems to be made up what initially appear to be tendrils but later become more refined, wispy hair-like strands. She can separate these tendrils over and over, using them as both her hands and as probes to inspect humans and Innocence. Her eyes are not visible, and the only parts of her face that are bare are her nose, lips and chin, all of which are humanoid but are far larger in comparison to normal humans.


Though she usually speaks slowly, frequently taking pauses, Hevlaska is quite intelligent and cares deeply for those she becomes friends with. She is shown to be ashamed of her past, and though she does not always agree with the methods of those in charge of the Black Order, she serves faithfully, willing to sacrifice her life to save Komui, those within the Order and the Innocence in order to keep a Level Four Akuma at bay, while she has no known offensive abilities.

Personal Statistics[]

Sophistication 5
Humanity 3
Combat Ability 1
Mental 5
Flexibility 3
Extra Statistics
Clairvoyance 5


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