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Abilities and Powers[]


Hevlaska's Inner Body

Hevlaska storing a shard of Innocence

Cube (石箱(キューブ), Kyūbu; English "Stone Box"): Hevlaska's Innocence is the Cube, which stored the prophecy left behind by mankind's ancestors so that future generations would be able to defeat the Earl of Millennium when he returned. Being a parasitic type, Hevlaska's Anti-Akuma Weapon has enveloped her entire body, changing her physical appearance and keeping it in the form it has been for the last one hundred years. Hevlaska has the power to detect Innocence in a Exorcist's body. Hevlaska also has the ability to store all 109 units of Innocence in slots within her body, until an Accommodator for each is found.[1] She can also probe an Exorcist's Innocence to discover his/her synchronization rate[2] and hidden potential, using this ability to describe Allen as the "Destroyer of Time".[3] She is also able to sense when people exceed the 100% synchronization rate without having to touch them.[4] Also, due to being an Exorcist, Hevlaska is able to destroy Akuma, though it is unknown as she has not shown any offensive ability. Hevlaska can shrink to the size of the cube and enter into it as she had no longer a physical body. Her appearance is created by the light of Innocence.[5]


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