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If people can, just with their hearts, choose whatever future they wish, what is the source that gives them power - I want to know what it is.
— Link to Kanda about his true feelings.

Howard Link is a subordinate of Central Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie. A former member of CROW, he was assigned to act as Allen Walker's observer/guardian after Allen fell under suspicion for being connected to the Fourteenth Noah. After a nearly fatal confrontation with Apocryphos, Link is currently tasked with following the on-the-run Allen and remained hidden until being noticed by Yu Kanda.


Link is a young man of average height for his age. He has long, blond hair he typically wears back in a plait or ponytail that goes down to his midback and dark eyes. He also sports bangs, which originally curved upwards on his brow in a bowl-type fashion, though he has since grown them out long enough for them to bear a natural part, which reveals the two, vertical dots he has on his forehead; these dots seem to be typical of certain members of CROW. His eyebrows are oddly forked towards the ends, with the upper ends curving up towards his hairline and the lower ends following the curve of his eyelids downwards.

Link is typically seen in a formal, double-breasted suit with a matching dress shirt and waistcoat, along with a simple necktie-like ribbon around his neck that is clasped in place with a pin that bears the emblem of Central. Two switchblade-like knives are concealed underneath the cuffs of his sleeves, and when extended the serrated blades jut out well beyond the upper side of his fist. Link will also, on occasion, wear glasses,[2] usually while doing paperwork.

After his brief fight against Apocryphos, Link gained a small x-shape scar on his chest.


Link is a very sober, strict young man with an affinity for rules and paperwork. He seems to idolize his superior, Malcolm C. Lvellie, and thinks so highly of him he picked up on the man's hobby of making assorted sweets and pastries. Link even owns his own copy of Lvellie's anthology on sweets. Despite his tendency to agree with and support his superior's decisions, Link is nowhere near as harsh as Lvellie is, showing a passive concern for those around him that gradually strengthens during the attack on the North American Branch until he became openly shocked upon learning the full conclusion of the events upon returning to the European Branch Headquarters for questioning. Though he was assigned to be Allen Walker's observer with negative connotations, Link has slowly become more dedicated and driven in his attempts to keep the Fourteenth Noah within Allen suppressed not in an effort to subdue Allen, but to protect him.

Link's position between his mission given par Malcolm C.Lvellie and his feelings toward the comrades he made led him to become conflicted. Link dislikes hurting other people and seeing them hurt. He was noted to dislike murder, torture and assassination.[3]

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[4] Current[3]
Sophistication 5 5
Humanity 3 3
Work Ability 4 -
Combat Ability 4 5
Mental 3 5
Flexibility 2 2
Extra Statistics
Work 5 -
Surveillance - 5


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