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This character, place, item or organisation originated in the anime and has never appeared in any work considered part of the manga canon.

Jake Russell (ジェイク·ラッセル, Jeiku Rasseru) is a member of the Black Order. He is the father of Jean.


Jake is a tall, well-built man with hair and a Donegal beard that is primarily a sandy blond, with a dark strip of brown running down where his part would be.


Jake Russell is first seen by Komui Lee talking to his sister, Lenalee Lee. Komui immediately jumps to conclusions and assumes they are dating, an assumption only inflamed by the fact that Lenalee and Russell have chosen to have their days off on the same day so they can go to town together.

In town, Komui, along with Reever Wenhamm, Allen Walker, Lavi, and several members of the Science Division, follow Lenalee and Russell as they visit several shops and have lunch together, Lenalee asking Russell for his opinion on several things such as ties, hats and glasses.

At the same time, an Akuma who has targeted Lenalee assumes Russell's form and gets into several compromising situations with Lenalee, which causes Komui to call upon the aide of several Komlin units in several flamboyant attempts to destroy Russell.

At the end of the day, it's revealed that Lenalee and Russell only went to town to help one another pick out gifts for their families; Lenalee helping Russell find something for his son and Russell helping Lenalee find something for Komui.[1]


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