D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Jasdero and Devit VS Allen Walker, Lavi and Arystar Krory
  • Jasdevi VS Arystar Krory
  • Jasdero, Devit and Toraido VS Socalo's team
  • Jasdero, Devit, Cheryl Kamelot and Maushyma VS Apocryphos



  • In the second popularity poll all three characters placed. Jasdevi came 16th, Jasdero came 14th and the top ranking character was Devit coming 6th behind Tyki Mikk and the four main protagonists[1]
  • In an after chapter special, it is jokingly revealed that Devit does not wear undergarments.[2]
  • In the Chara Gray Character book, Hoshino revealed that Devit and Jasdero are still suffering from the effects of the Innocence Krory infected them with, and have not fully healed yet.
  • Jasdevi bears some similarity to the Bleach character Szayelaporro Granz.
  • Jasdero's lantern ball is actually an anachronistic dragon ball. [3]
  • Jasdero likes strong curried rice and collecting Dragon ball stuff and dislikes sweet things. [4]
  • The twins enjoy pranking people, shoplifting, graffiti. They like makeup, staying up late, fighting, the black market and tandem sleeping and dislike Hunger, debt, adults, girls (aside from Road and Lulu), Arystar Krory.[5]
  • Devit likes break-dancing and rice and he dislikes toadstools[4]
  • "Bondom" probably comes from the word "bond".
  • Jasdero's appearance is based on a friend of the author named Adam who drew “DGM Theater” as a comic. Devit's is based on a friend of Adam. They are both female.[6]


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