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Johnny Gill (ジョニー・ギル, Jonī Giru) is a former member of the Black Order and a scientist in the European Branch's Science Section - division 1 where he was the assistant of section chief Reever Wenhamm. Recently, he 'retired' from the Order to go after Allen Walker, wanting to help him.


Johnny is one of the seemingly younger members of the Science Department. He is often identified by the black skull on his shirt and his big opaque glasses which completely hide his eyes. At first completely circular he has changed for more ovale ones. Recently he has started to tie his hair in a ponytail. He is a short individual with curly brown hair combed backwards. Aside from that he used to wear the typical science section uniform and a tie. He often wears headphones.



Johnny's golem

Johnny has a a rather small brown golem. It has simple ovale wings with only one section. These don't seem to be completely connected to the main body which may be the result of advanced technology. The main body is round and fluffy with the usual eye in the middle.


Johnny is friendly and amiable, but one of the weakest members of the Science Division. Prone to passing out from low blood pressure, he is taken to the Medical Division on a regular basis, initially by Tup Dop and, after Tup's death, by Tup's sister, Cash Dop. Despite all of the hatred harbored within the Order towards Allen, Johnny has remained steadfast on Allen's support side, defending him constantly when he hears rumors going around in Allen's disfavor. Because of Allen getting hurt badly while defending Johnny during the attack on the European Branch Headquarters, Johnny has dedicated himself to getting stronger so that, when Allen needs it, he can support him in return.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[1] Current[2]
Sophistication 4 5
Humanity 5 5
Work Ability 4 5
Mental 3 4
Flexibility 3 5
Extra Statistics
Impulsivity 1 3


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