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Kaiten!! is a one-shot manga written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It was published in the magazine Jump Square in October 2011.


In Japan, many evil organisations terrorize the people and the police are unable to retaliate. One of these organisations, named Gamshack, is composed of supernatural beings called 'Kaijins'. A member of Gamshack - Shiropaya - decides to resign from the job; Shiropaya does not want to be a villain any longer, but would rather be a hero.

Shiropaya searches for a job among the heroes squadrons, but has very little success. That is when a Kaijin attacks. The Kaijin is defeated by a man named 'Red', who shows signs of great stress. It is here when an elderly lady explains that the young man - Red Koutarou - suffers from a very rare illness, but is also a very good hero, although he is alone in his squadron. Shiropaya decides to join his squadron to help him fight crime.


(More to Come)