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The Kamelot Residence is the estate of the Kamelot family.


Ball Room

The ball room

The Residence is very large and fancy. A large alley for the visitors leads to the main door. Behind the house there is a vast garden with roses . In the mansion we can find the ball room, a huge room with immense stairs and balconey. There receptions are frequently organized. The resident in inhabited by Sheril Kamelot, his wife Tricia Kamelot and her two adopted children Road Kamelot and Wisely Kamelot as well as at least two pets : a white dog[1] and a frog [2]. There are many servants including maids and butlers.[1]


Minister of the Foreign affair Sheril Kamelot acquired the residence (either by inheritance of purchase). When he became a Noah he met Road Kamelot who he became fond of and decided to adopt. As being married is required for adoption, he married Tricia and the three of them became a family. Later the Sheril and Tricia decided to adopt Wisely a young hobo who happened to be a noah too.

Known Inhabitants[]


  • The outside of the residence is only shown in the anime. The garden on its side is only shown in the manga.


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