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Kawamura (川村, Kawamura) is a Level 2 Akuma, converted by Cross Marian, like her friend Chomesuke to be an ally for the Black Order.


In her human form, Kawamura is a pale woman with dark lips wearing a light kimono decorated with tree branches. She also wears a coif.

In her Akuma form, Kawamura is briefly seen as being, like Chomesuke, a large, golden creature. She was eaten by several Level 3 Akuma before her full form could be seen.


Kawamura only speaks once, to Chomesuke, but addresses her familiarly by her human form name, Sachiko, rather than her Akuma name.


Like Chomesuke, Kawamura was converted by General Cross to serve the Black Order sometime during the period he was not in contact with the Order.


Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]


Kawamura trapped by the Level 3 Akuma web

Kawamura is only seen briefly, just as Chomesuke is leading the Cross Unit (including Lenalee Lee, Lavi, Bookman, Arystar Krory, Miranda Lotto, Chaozii Han and Maosa and Kie) up a flight of stairs at the oceanside and into Japan[1]. Just as Chomesuke goes to meet her, Kawamura's head snaps to the side and a web forms behind her, her Akuma form starting to emerge from her body.

Chomesuke flees her friend's side immediately to hide the Cross Unit, and they are forced to watch in silence as Kawamura is approached and eaten alive by three Level 3 Akuma[2].



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