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Kazaana Reed (カザ一ナ・リド, Kazāna Rido) is a former Exorcist and member of the European Branch of the Black Order. He, Suman Dark and Chalker Laboun were in Winters Socalo Unit.


Suman Dark's Fallen Arc

Suman, Chalker and Kazaana were eventually confronted by Tyki Mikk, and were massacred one by one. Tyki Mikks removes one of their vital organs while they're still alive [1].


Seeing the deaths of his comrades, Suman begs the Noah for mercy, and made a deal to give information regarding the Black Order. Suman lived, but his actions had caused the deaths of 142 Finders and 6 Exorcists. Kazaana's body is transported to the headquarters along with the other exorcists and finders. After they are cremated, Winters Socalo arrives and visits the chapel with his fellow general Klaud Nine. As Nine mourns them, Socalo stays silent, prompting her monkey Lau Shimin to call him out. Socalo states that they were just " bunch of loser dogs" and that he has nothing to say to them. [2].

Powers and Abilities


Kazaana Reed's Innocence

Unnamed crossbow: Kazaana Reed possesses a Equipment-type Anit-Akuma-Weapon, which looked like a crossbow. In the manga, it was never seen invoked. However in the anime, when he activated his innocence, he could summoned and shoot energy arrows on his target.


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