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Kie is one of three surviving crew members of Anita's ship after it was attacked by Akuma at sea. He joined the European Branch of the Black Order as a Finder.


Kie is a young man with shaggy, fair hair. After joining the Order, he typically wears the long beige jacket that all Finders wear.


Kie is loyal to his friends, Chaozii and Maosa, and to Anita, joining the Order to support the Exorcists as part of her last request to him.


Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]

When Anita decides to accompany Allen and the other Exorcists to Edo in order to find General Cross, Kie sets sail along with her and the rest of her crew. But when they are attacked at sea by a fleet of Akuma, Kie, along with Chaozii and Maosa, are the only surviving members. When the time comes for Miranda to return time to normal—which causes the ship to return to real time and break apart—Kie, Chaozii and Maosa leave with the Exorcists on a lifeboat and continue on to Edo.[1]

When they finally arrive at Edo, Chaozii introduces himself, as well as Kie and Maosa, to Lenalee.[2] And when she is later grabbed by Tyki Mikk, Kie takes out his gun in an attempt to get him to back down.[3] Later, when the Earl and the rest of Noah leave, he rests together with everyone under the stone bridge.

Noah's Ark Arc[]

Kie stays under the bridge while general Tiedoll fights the Akuma. He is very relieved when Chaozii gets out of the Ark safely, and when they all return to the Order, he brings up the idea of joining the Black Order as Finder.

Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc[]

He is sent along with fellow Finder Maosa and Exorcists Miranda Lotto, Yu Kanda and Allen Walker to investigate a ghost in a graveyard, which turns out to be the late chess champion Mister Martin, whose ring houses Innocence. While Howard Link engages Mister Martin in a game of chess, Miranda helps to protect Kie and Maosa after their barrier talismans run out of power.[4]. When Link eventually wins the game and the Innocence is successfully retrieved, Kie and Maosa escort the Exorcists to Father Federico's church, where a gate has been opened so they can return to headquarters. However, Kie and and Maosa stay behind to take care of some other duties.[5]

Seed of Destruction Arc[]

Kie is seen beside Chaozii, telling him that he used to be worried for him but he is now happy to see he is fine.[6]


  • Kie's hobbies are writing and exchanging letters, and cleaning.[7][8]
  • He likes meat buns and the ocean.[7][8]
  • He dislikes dogs and long train rides.[7][8]
  • Kie's necessities are his memories of Anita and his love for his friends.[8]


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