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Klaud Nine (クラウド・ナイン, Kuraudo Nain) is the only female Exorcist General and member of European Branch of the Black Order. She is always seen accompanied by her pet Lau Shimin. She is the leader of Nine Unit and the master of Timothy Hearst.


Klaud Nine is a woman above average height with a slim, fit physique. She has blonde hair and lightly colored (purple in the first anime and light blue in hallow) eyes, and a large scar marks the upper portion of her face in an "X" formation, meeting between her eyes. Her Exorcist uniform consists of tight black pants worn under a skin-tight, sleeveless top that has tails on either side of her legs, all trimmed in gold. She wears thick gauntlets on her arms that almost reach her shoulders, as well as several belts that bear pouches along the back. One half of her face is covered by hair, and the other side has burn scars (although in both the second and fourth opening themes and in one scene of the anime, the burn scars do not appear as visible as it does in the manga, appearing as slightly lighter in skin tone on her face). She has round red earrings.

Klaud likes dressing with classy boots. [1] The new exorcist uniform of the typical black uniform with red stripes. She appears to have grown her hair a bit longer. [2]


She seems to be a gentle woman, as she is seen weeping for her deceased team. She also seems very friendly and calm, as she was shown taking Timothy to the nurse when he got a fever from being in the rain. However, she is very stern and serious when it comes to her duty as an Exorcist, as she berates Cross for not taking the situation against the Akuma they were fighting seriously. She also tends to go on missions even after returning home, stating she likes the travel. She is also one of the few women to be able to repel Cross's advances, as she claims he's "useless".

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[3] Current[1]
Sophistication 4 4
Humanity 4 2
Combat Ability 5 5
Mental 4 4
Flexibility 3 4
Extra Statistics
Boldness 4 4


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