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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Animal Trainer: Formerly a member of a circus, Klaud is an expert animal trainer, something reflected in her Anti-Akuma Weapon, Lau Shimin, which is a sentient animal that obeys her commands. She carries a whip into battle with her and seems to use it while giving Lau Shimin commands, though whether it has any actual effect or is simply a remnant of her days in the circus is unknown.


Klaud Nine - Lau Shimin

Lau Shimin invoked.

Lau Shimin (ラウ・シーミン, Rau Shīmin): Klaud's Innocence is a little monkey that rides on her shoulder. This parasitic type Innocence, is the first sentient, animalistic Innocence shown in the series. When activated, the monkey transforms into a monstrous simian that attacks with balls of energy that form at its fists.[1] Klaud doesn't display this ability until the assault on headquarters by Lulu Bell. In this form, Lau Shimin shows incredible strength, speed, and agility, capable of leaping incredible distances with the greatest of ease.

  • Long Range Mode : Destruction Shell Lau Gunz (破甲砲 "ラウ・ガンズ"[2] Yabu kabuto-hō "rau ganzu", lit. translation "Artillery Shell Fracture "Lau Guns""): Lau Shimin, upon receiving Klaud's command, splits from the top of its head down to its groin, an explosive mass of energy building up in the center of this split and firing to deal devastating damage.[3]


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