D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

The purple is for anime-only fights

  • Klaud Nine and other generals VS level 3 and Giant Akumas
  • Klaud Nine and other generals VS level 4
  • Klaud Nine and her team VS Lulu Bell
  • Klaud Nine, Exorcists and CROWs VS Level 2, 3 and Giant Akumas, Madarao, Tewaku and Tokusa
  • Klaud Nine VS Tewaku



  • Klaud likes caring for Lau Shimin and blue cheese and dislikes useless men.[1]
  • Klaud shares her birthday with Suman Dark. She was born exactly one year after him.
  • Klaud likes training and traveling alone.[2]
  • She carries a spare whip. [2]
  • Klaud's name could be romanized as Cloud Nine a name colloquially given to the state of euphoria.


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