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The Komlin (コムリン[1], Komurin, lit. translation "Com link") are a series of robots created by Komui Lee for various purposes, though the motivation that their creation is typically geared towards helping lighten the workload of the members of the Black Order. They almost always go haywire, though, or end up receiving orders from Komui that cause harm/threaten the well-being of those they were designed to help. This usually ends in them being destroyed in many comical ways, typically by Lenalee Lee and her Innocence, the Dark Boots.

The Komlin[]

Komlin I[]

The first Komlin robot Komui Lee made was destroyed by Yu Kanda because it supposedly ate his soba.[2]

Komlin II[]

Main article: Komlin II

Komlin III (anime only)[]

Summoned and driven by Komui Lee in his attempt to destroy Russell when Komui believed he (Russell) and his sister were dating, it ended up leveling part of the town and, ultimately, got kicked and destroyed by Lenalee.[3]

Komlin IV (anime only)[]

Another giant robot made by Komui Lee, it attacked Allen, Krory and Lavi when the Gatekeeper perceived Krory as a Akuma. It made Lavi into an omelet, and dumped salt and oil on Allen and Krory.

Komlin IV Mini[]

Komlin IV Mini

Komlin IV Mini cleaning up.

Later, it was turned into a cleaning bot and was seen at Krory's 'welcome party'. Krory spilled tea on it, and Komui asked it to 'beautify' the place (as in clean). The miniature Komlin misinterpreted Komui's intentions and attacked everyone, deciding they were 'dirty and needed to be beautified', males and females alike. It put makeup on them and painted their nails, save Lenalee, who escaped the attack. Lenalee then kicked it and destroyed it.[4]

Komlin EX[]

Main article: Komlin EX

Kom pillow

Lenalee discovers her new pillow

Lullaby pillow[]

A white pillow covered with hearts designed specially for Lenalee. It has a head similar to Komlin EX and sings a lullaby "sleep, sleep my Lenalee". Needless to say, it has the exact opposite effect of the one intended.[5]


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  • It has been theorized by some viewers and readers that the name Komlin is derived from Komui's and Lenalee's (pronounced as Rinarī) names.
  • Part of Komlin III’s design is parodied off from Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z mecha.


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