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Komlin EX is the last (or is it?) robot of the Komlin series. It is the most humanoid one and capable of speech.


Komlin is a humanoid robot very similar to his creator Komui Lee. He is slightly taller than a human and squarer.


He is considerably smarter than the other Komlin, being able to talk. He appears loyal to Komui and obeys almost all of his orders. Though he had a very fearful nature.


Komui Lee and Komurin EX

Komui orders Komlin EX to dispense the vaccine

Komlin EX was first seen during the Black Order European Branch's move from their old headquarters to the new.[1] When the Science Division members and several others (prominently Reever Wenhamm, Johnny Gill, Allen Walker, Lavi, Yu Kanda and the Bookman) attempt to apprehend and tie Komui up for his creation, the Komuvitan D, after it made most members of the Order go mad, Komui ordered the Komlin EX to do the same and trumped them, immediately after ordering the robot to open fire on them.

Komurin EX dies

Komlin EX's destruction.

The robot was later seen eating Howard Link's report to save Komui from later punishment,[2] lamenting its inability to save Komui before being shamelessly seduced and used by Allen as a way to avoid being injured,[3] getting its head kicked off by Arystar Krory, playing dead to avoid injury, itself,[4] and then defending Komui one last time before it managed to make a vaccine to the effects of the Komuvitan D, only for a maddened General Socalo to throw his Innocence, Madness, through its chest and destroy it.[5]


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