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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Master Scientist: Komui is notably a masterful scientist of incredible intellect, able to concoct seemingly impossible tinctures and serums of (questionably) immeasurable use/and or harm.

  • Komuvitan D (コムビタンD, Komubitan D): Developed by Komui during a time when the Science Division had been forced to work for a week without rest, Komuvitan D is a drug that revitalizes the human body and enables it to continue functioning with minimal rest.[1] It had, however, the unfortunate side-effect robbing those who took it (first-hand or second) of their senses, resulting in them becoming mindless "zombies" who seem to only want to spread the "virus." Unlike most drugs, it acts in a viral fashion, spreading from person to person via biting.[2][3] It can only be "cured" by deriving a "vaccine" from the person who ingested the drug, itself.[4]
    • Komuvitan D II: A supposed "improvement" on the old Komuvitan D formula, this one is actually purported to work, with Johnny, currently carrying it on him, trying to get Kanda to take it, insisting that it will energize him and won't turn him into a zombie.[5]

Skilled Mechanist: Specializing in robotics, Komui can create multi-purpose devices that he typically intends to use to ease the workload of the Black Order personnel (though, unfortunately, his creations usually do more harm than good). His greatest mechanical achievements are the Komlin series.

  • Komlin series: A series of robots of varying sizes and uses. To date, all units have been destroyed, either because of destructive errors in their programming or because of Komui's destructive orders.

Physician: While not a doctor of common human medicine, Komui is the main physician of the Exorcists in Innocence-related matters, having been shown anesthetizing and examining Allen Walker's Innocence using (dangerous) unknown devices.[6]


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