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After his and Lenalee's parents were killed by Akuma when they were children, Komui took over the responsibilities of raising Lenalee. Lenalee, however, was found to be an Accommodator and was forcibly taken from Komui's side.[1] Almost three years later, Komui, who had joined the Order to come after Lenalee, was transferred to the European Branch as the Section Leader of the Science Division, and not long after was promoted to Branch Head and Chief Officer of the Black Order.[2] He abolished the Black Order rules regarding the right to dispose of the exorcists' relatives.


Introduction arc[]

Staring at Komui

Komui in headquarters watching Allen arrive.

Komui is first seen alongside several members of the Science Division as they witness Allen Walker approaching the European Branch. Komui doesn't understand why a "regular kid" would come, so he wanted Allen thrown off the cliff.[3] However, after Allen takes and fails The Gatekeeper's exam, Komui sends Yu Kanda to intercept him. As Allen pleads to everyone that his master, general Cross Marian, sent a letter of recommendation to "a guy named Komui", everyone realizes Komui was lazy again and didn't check his mail. After finding the letter in his cluttered desk, he allows Allen in.[4]

Allen hitting Komui

Allen tries to punch Komui for not warning him about Hevlaska.

After (not really) apologizing to Allen, he repairs his Anti-Akuma Weapon and accompanies him to see Hevlaska. He neglects to tell Allen about Hevlaska's form and the physical examination she has to perform on him, leading to Allen trying to punch Komui once he has been let go.[5] After this, Komui explains the background of the Black Order and the war they are fighting before officially welcoming Allen into the Black Order.[6]

Ghost of Mater arc[]

Komui sends Allen and Kanda on a mission to Mater to find a piece of Innocence, however he has to be tricked into thinking Lenalee is getting married before he can wake up and give them the mission. As he sends them off, he gives Allen his own Exorcist uniform and wishes him luck.[7] After Allen and Kanda succeed in defeating an Akuma that had been in Mater, Kanda calls Komui and explains the situation, Komui warning Kanda to be mindful of "what's left of [his] life."[8]

The Black Order Attempted Annihilation Incident arc[]

Komui then creates a robot called "Komlin II", which he has designed with to mimic his intelligence and personality, to assist the Science Division in their work.[9] Because of the Komlin bearing Komui's personality, though, it ends up drinking his coffee and shorting itself out, leading to it trying to "improve" Lenalee by making her more "muscular," much to Komui's dismay.[10]


Komui fires a blowdart at Allen.

Conflicted by his love for his sister and his "son," Komui sacrifices Allen and tells Komlin II to "fix" Allen's left arm.[11] As the Science Division tries to save Allen, Komui does his best to stop them, even shooting Allen with a blow dart laced with drugs and anesthetizing Allen so he can't destroy Komlin II.[12]


Komui tries to save Komlin.

When Lenalee awakens and begins to fight the Komlin, Komui is mortified, putting himself between his sister and his robot and begging for Lenalee to understand that it was the coffee's fault, not the Komlin's. After a pause, Lenalee tells Komui to "think about what he's done" and kicks both Komlin II and Komui, ensuring that Komui is caught up in the explosion as Komlin II is destroyed.[13]

Rewinding Town arc[]

After Lenalee and Allen head out on a mission in a "rewinding town," which ends with the recruitment of a new Exorcist, Miranda Lotto, Komui personally heads out to the town to tend to Allen and Lenalee's injuries.[14] He takes the two Exorcists Bookman and Lavi with him to assist, and when Allen runs off not long after awakening, upset over his most recent fight with Road Kamelot, Komui and Bookman talk about the Noah Family, Komui expressing his guilt over having to send Exorcists out into battle.[15] Bookman tells Komui that it is simply the course of war, then tells Komui to hide as an Akuma approaches their room.

Komui carries Lenalee's still unconscious body to safety, and when the Akuma tries to kill Komui, Lenlaee wakes up just in time to save him.[16]

The Vampire of the Old Castle arc[]

The group leaves the town by carriage, and as they ride Komui assigns the four Exorcists to an extended mission: after the brutal death of General Kevin Yeegar by the hands of the Noah Family, all Exorcists are to hunt town and retrieve their unit's generals, with Lenalee, Allen, Bookman and Lavi being assigned to General Cross Marian, Allen's teacher.[17]

After Komui leaves the group and the four Exorcists begin to travel by train, Allen is accidentally left behind at one of other stops. Lavi goes after him, and the two wind up being involved in a side-mission that ends with the recruitment of Arystar Krory III as a new Exorcist. Afterwards, Lavi calls Komui to inform him of the situation, Komui telling Lavi to simply add Krory to their group as they don't have enough time to send him back to Headquarters. Komui then warns Lavi that the Earl probably won't be happy with the recent evolution of Allen's eye.[18] When Lavi tells Komui that he doesn't envy the way Allen sees the world, as he finds it to be a hell after experiencing it firsthand, Komui spends a silent moment on the phone (which Lavi had to hang up in a hurry when the train started to leave) before acting like he was still talking so those in the room wouldn't make him go back to work, a trick none of them fell for.[19]

Edo and Asian Branch arc[]

Komui is one of the man present when Reever gives a damage report after over a hundred Finders and six Exorcists are killed in action, their bodies sent back to the European Branch.[20] After a few pessimistic words from several underlings are quickly silenced, Komui takes off his hat and welcomes the dead home, thanking them for their service before bowing to them.[21] As he goes over the damage report with Reever, Komui is approached by several survivors who requests that the remains of one of the dead be sent back to the man's family. Komui calmly denies his request, saying that according to Order law, the remains will be cremated in the Order, and that none of the families of those dead may be informed, least the dead become Akuma.[22] When he is alone in his office, Komui allows himself a moment of grief, reminding himself that winning the war is all that matters.

After Exorcist Suman Dark becomes a Fallen One and Lenalee calls her brother to ask for his advice, Komui explains that Suman cannot be saved and that all Lenalee can do is wait for Suman to die so his Innocence can be retrieved.[23] Komui then explains that, before all of the attacks had started happening, Suman had called the Order and requested information on the location of all Black Order field officers, and that the attacks had started happening almost immediately after, meaning Suman had betrayed the Order.[24] Lenalee simply starts crying and says that it has to be a lie.

When Allen loses his Innocence and is taken into the care of the Asian Branch, Komui talks to Asian Branch Head Bak Chang as the man tries to help Allen regain his Innocence, Komui offering advice on how to handle Allen.[25] Komui then goes to meet with the newly arrived Generals Klaud Nine and Winters Socalo, welcoming them back and informing them that the Great Generals are waiting to meet with them.[26]

Later, as Lenalee fights with the Akuma Eshi over the ocean, Eshi delivers a harsh blow to Lenalee and leaves her to sink into the water, and as she does she calls out to her brother, who, half the world away, suddenly collapses, complaining of lightheadedness when Johnny and Reever call out to him. As he recovers, Komui's thoughts immediately go to Lenalee.[27]

When Allen decides to use Noah's Ark to travel to Edo to meet up with the rest of his team, who had been forced to leave him behind, Komui talks with Allen via a newly developed earring communicator, teasingly chastising Allen for not thinking about how his comrades feel about the risks he takes[28] before telling Allen to think about happier things as Allen begins to walk through the Ark, narrating that his own happy thoughts revolve around what he'll do when everyone comes back home, to the European Branch (hug Lenalee, provide Allen with a lot of food, give Lavi a blanket for when he collapses and falls asleep, drink some wine with the adults, and have a big celebration with everyone before settling down for bed, with Kanda showing up later looking angry).[29]

Later, when Allen and several others are on Noah's Ark, Allen gets into a fight with Noah Tyki Mikk, during which he surpasses the one hundred percent synchronization limit with his Innocence. When this happens, the Innocence within Hevlaska react, and Komui is called to see to her. Upon seeing the pain she is in, Komui calls out to her, Hevlaska warning him to stay back as the Innocence within her is nearly out of her control. Just then, Komui thinks of Allen, wondering if it couldn't be him, and he's about to brush the thought off when Reever Wenhamm, who has accompanied him, suggests the same aloud.[30]

When the Exorcists head home using Noah's Ark, Komui is waiting on the other side with open arms.[31]

Invasion of Headquarters arc[]

After Lenalee arrives home, Komui spends a bit of time fawning over her, blockading the wing of the medical ward she is in so no one can visit her and mourning the loss of her hair.[32] As the Head Nurse chases him out, he tries to leave a lullaby-singing pillow for his sister. Afterwards, Komui is called into a meeting with all of the Black Order Branch Heads, the Generals, and Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie and his assistant Howard Link, in which Cross' actions are analyzed, Allen is brought under suspicion, and Komui reflects on the fact that he worked to get and maintain his position so he could protect the Exorcists in situations like this.[33] When the possibility of Allen being subjected to an Inquisition arises, Komui forces Lvellie to postpone the matter by telling him he wants a full explanation of Allen's connection the Fourteenth to be submitted in writing.[34]

Lvellie and Komui then have a private meeting, which Lenalee runs in on. When Lenalee becomes petrified at the sight of Lvellie, with whom she has a bad past, Komui has Reever escort Lenalee from the room. Lvellie notes after she leaves that Lenalee still hasn't forgiven him for what he did in the past, and Komui changes the subject without addressing this.[35] As their meeting commences, Lvellie explains that a Fourteenth Noah of unknown name and origin had several people on his side before he died, and that Cross was one of them, and that Cross had likely taken Allen as his student for his potential to help with the Fourteenth's cause. Lvellie then cryptically asks Komui if this news doesn't trouble him.[36]

After their meeting, Komui and Lvellie take Lenalee to see Hevlaska so her Innocence can be examined. Hevlaska takes Lenalee's Dark Boots away, explaining that the Innocence seems to be evolving, and when Hevlaska warns Lenalee that her next synchronization with her Boots might be costly, Komui's face contorts in pain.[37]

Once Lulu Bell and her army of Akuma invade Deadquarters, Komui finds Lenalee and Lavi and locks them in the in Krory's room in the infirmary, explaining that the area has been designated a safe zone and that Kanda and Chaozii will be joining them as soon as he can find them, as none of them have Innocence.[38] Lenalee then begs Komui to let her talk to Hevlaska, believing that her Innocence is testing her and that if Hevlaska can implant the Innocence into her body, then she will be able to successfully synchronize. Komui's expression becomes shocked and pained, Komui having been unaware of the fact that Lenalee knew about the experimentation. He then cuts her off and speaks for her, expressing that she is leaving him with the impression that she believes that if she can save everyone that she wouldn't mind dying. Realizing that he has driven Lenalee to this point, he begs her to stay in the room, where it's safe, thinking about how he knows how much her duty means to her, thus he won't put her in a dangerous position of he can help it.[39] Komui then receives a transmission that Marie and Miranda have been found and walks off.

After the Akuma in the lab have been stopped, Komui, set up in a station outside of the Ark Gate that leads into the sealed fifth laboratory, orders that the ventilation to the lab be flushed so the noxious fumes from the dead Akuma can be alleviated. He then orders Cross to destroy the Akuma Egg, standing up to Lvellie when he questions his decision and explaining that Miranda's Time Record is only keeping the Egg in their area and that it has already been lost.[40] When Cross says they're ready, Komui gives the command, but before anything can be done, Lulu Bell emerges and the fighting starts again.

When the Generals prepare their most powerful attacks in order to destroy the Egg and fire, the aftershock causes the building to shake, and Komui loses communication with those below and calls out to them.[41]

Then, when the Level 4 is born and destroys the lab, it comes after Komui, asking him when it hears someone call him "Chief" if his head is as valuable as an Exorcists.[42] Komui is unable to escape when the Akuma grabs him, and when Kanda intercedes and forces the Akuma to let Komui go, Komui is injured. As dozens of Finders with ballistic shield-type talismans surround the Akuma and trap it in a double layer talisman shield, Chaozii goes to Komui's side and helps support him, Kanda drawing a second sword he has on his back and putting himself between Komui and the Akuma.[43] Komui calls out to Kanda, telling him it's too dangerous, but just when Hevlaska calls out to Komui over his communicator and tells him to come take the Innocence from her and flee with the staff of the building to Asian Branch while she stays behind and holds the Akuma off. Seeing no other choice, Komui accesses the building speaker system and orders all of the personnel to flee to Asian Branch.[44] As Komui prepares to go to get the Innocence, Hevlaska warns Komui that Lvellie is bringing Lenalee to her.

At the urging of the Finders protecting him, Komui rushes to the elevator in the middle of the building and prepares to descend to Hevlaska's chamber, successfully scaring Chaozii off when the young man tries to come with him but unable to turn Kanda away.[45] When Hevlaska calls out to him again, Komui gives in and activates the lift, beginning the descent. When the Akuma finishes a countdown it had started, it easily breaks free of the talisman barrier and flies after Komui as Komui calls out to Hevlaska.[46] Just as Lenalee arrives in Hevlaska's chamber and looks up, she witnesses the Akuma blowing up the lift with Komui on board.[47]

When Komui regains consciousness, he finds the lift inoperable and Kanda injured from protecting him. As Kanda brushes it off, though, already healing, Komui turns to the Finders who had been on board the lift who had also protected him, only to be shocked when they turn black and crumble before his eyes, having been infected by the Akuma virus while shielding him.[48] Lavi then runs up to check on them, and when he sees Lavi, Komui realizes that Lenalee must be there, as well, and looks up to see Lvellie dragging Lenalee towards Hevlaska. Just then, the Akuma shows up again seeking Komui, and Kanda and Lavi put themselves between Komui and the Level 4.[49]

As Hevlaska prepares to implant the Innocence within Lenalee, the Akuma attacks Hevlaska and sends Lenalee crashing down, Komui being stricken when he witnesses this. Before the Akuma can harm Lenalee, though, Allen arrives and knocks it aside, the Akuma knocking Allen back and sending him flying over to Komui. Worried, Komui rushes to check on Allen, horrified upon realizing that Allen's body should be too damaged for him to move and realizing that the Crowned Clown is forcing Allen's body to move.[50] Then, when Lenalee begins to synchronize with her Innocence, Komui hesitates, and when Lavi tells him to go to her side, Komui says he doesn't know what to do. Kanda then kicks Komui in the back and knocks him over, asking him why he had ever joined the Order to begin with.[51] Remembering that he had joined the Order to stay by Lenalee's side, Komui rushes to see his sister, and when Lenalee sees him, she gives him the farewell she typically gives him she goes off on a mission and causes Komui to shed a tear as she drinks her Innocence.[52]

After Lenalee drinks her Innocence, a shock rushing through her, Komui runs to her side and holds her to help her stay upright, mortified upon seeing her bleeding from her ankles.[53] Hevlaska recovers enough to sit up and begin checking Lenalee's body, Komui still holding his sister as she does, and when Lenalee's blood forms a headless, winged humanoid statue, Komui can only watch as her blood forms her new Dark Boots.[54]

When Lenalee leaves his side to fight with the Level 4, Komu watches, noting that while Lenalee can keep up with it now, she's tired and injured and her invocation is still too new for the fight to be considered over.[55] Not long after, Cross arrives to join in the fight, and when Komui receives a transmission from Reever, who is still alive, asking for assistance, Komui leaves dealing with the Level 4 in Cross' hands before starting to head back up.[56] As he does, Komui sends out an order to cancel the evacuation, declaring the long ordeal over.[57]

As the wounded are gathered, Komui goes to Reever's side, and when Reever asks about Tup Dop, who had been turned into a Skull, Komui goes with him to check.[58] Komui watches as several of Tap's friends stay beside him, mourning, and when he is called off, Komui bows to Tap silently before walking away,[59] Tap turning into dust and dying mere moments later.

Later, after the wounded have been tended to and the Order is in the process of cleaning up and preparing to move locations, Komui is shown seeing Cross off as the General accompanies Lvellie back to Central, Komui warning the General not to sneak off again. Cross leaves his golem, Timcanpy, with Komui to give to Allen, wishing Komui luck with the packing.[60] Komui then summons all of the Exorcists to a meeting in his office, where he explains the changes that have occurred with Lenalee's new crystal type Innocence, which now uses her blood as a weapon. During this meeting, when Komui and Lenalee meet glances, Komui quickly looks away from her.[61]

Destruction of the Black Order arc[]

During a stormy night, when the now mostly healed personnel of the European Branch are still working on packing up the building to prepare for the move, Komui is in his office "working." It is shown, through a flashback, that Komui had tried to get Allen to teach them the song to control Noah's Ark, Komui looking concerned when Allen explained he didn't know how the knowledge had ended up in his head.[62] In the present time, when the lights go out (everyone immediately blaming Komui), Komui is briefly shown in his office trying to use his now dead phone.[63] When almost everyone in the building becomes "zombies," Reever, Johnny, Rob Neal, Lenalee, Allen, Kanda, Link, Lavi, Bookman and Timcanpy take refuge in a storage closet, wondering aloud what is going on. When a nearby Komui, who has remained unnoticed until that point by staying hidden in the shadows with a Komlin, explains that it's a virus he created, most of the group immediately jumps on him, trying to tie him up. Komui, though, with the help of his Komlin, ties up all of the group except Link and Lenalee, having his Komlin fire a gun at them as he complains about security measures he's taken.[64] Lenalee tries to get her brother to release them, but, having been splashed with another one of Komui's concoctions earlier in the evening, she can only meow like a cat, which only makes Komui angrier.

Reever demands to know how the virus had gotten out, to which Komui says the Science Division had taken and hidden it from him, so they are the ones who should know. Komui then brushes off the matter of how it had gotten out and declares that their priority should be to find the source of the infection and derive a vaccine.[65]

Komui sets the group free and they ban together, starting to move through the building cautiously. When Reever asks Komui how they're supposed to identify the source, Komui nonchalantly and comically suggests using a "sixth sense and stuff," like "psychic powers or the instincts a veteran detective relies on." Realizing that Komui has no idea what he's doing, Kanda threatens to kill Komui, but Reever holds him back. Komui then places the blame solely on the shoulders of the Science Division for taking away his experiments, and Reever tries to kill Komui, instead.[66] Suddenly, Generals Socalo, Klaud and Tiedoll burst through the walls and corner them, and when Link is bitten and starts to ramble about reporting Komui, Komui takes out a mallet and tries to "bop" him to make him forget everything.[67]

Allen starts to fight the Generals, and Kanda, wanting to join, asks Komui if he has repaired his Mugen. Komui explains that he had and that he and Komlin had gone to get it, but when they saw the Science Division was filled with zombies they'd left it behind.[68] Kanda smacks Komui upside the head, and when the Generals lunge at them again, Komui orders his Komlin to "do something," to which it responds by firing rockets and blowing up the hallway.[69]

When Komui regains consciousness, he's being tied up by Reever, who claims to have no control over his body.[70] Komui asks if Reever hates him so much that he can't control his own body, to which Reever asks him to actually listen to what he's saying when he says that he has something "inside" of him. Komui screams out when Reever screams, and when the upper half of a girl's body emerges from Reever's chest, making Reever hold a knife to his own neck,[71] Komui freezes and turns into a block of ice, making the girl make Reever punch him. Komui apologizes and asks the girl if she's Reever's love child, and Reever regains enough control of his body to punch Komui, himself, telling him to be serious.[72] Komui realizes the girl is a ghost, and when she demands that Komui cancel the building relocation and threatens to kill Reever if he doesn't, Komui blithely tells her that she'll have to talk to someone higher up than him.[73]

The girl tries to ask him again, and Komui tells her that the order to move came from someone higher up than him before starting to detail how she can, with paperwork, request that the move be stopped. The girl then drops the knife, saying she understands, and when Komui asks her if she was just kidding around, the girl says that she can never leave. Komui asks her if she had died in the building, realizing when she explains that she'd been brought to the Order as a child that she had likely been a blood relative of an Accommodator.[74] The girl then tells Lenalee, who she had also had Reever tie up, that she envies her for having someone to sacrifice themselves for her, to which Komui replies that what he did for Lenalee wasn't a sacrifice but rather a simple action he took so he and Lenalee could stay together, turning to Lenalee and smiling as he says this.[75]

When the ghost girl lunges at Lenalee, Komui shouts at her, but is cut off when the building suddenly rocks with a loud explosion. The Generals and the other zombies burst into the room with the surviving group of Allen, Kanda, Lavi, Johnny and the Komlin, all of them getting bitten and the Komlin playing dead. When Lenalee suddenly giggles, Komui and Reever look at her in shock, realizing that the ghost girl has possessed her.[76] Komui starts bawling, demanding that the ghost get out of Lenalee's body, and when the zombie hoard lunges at them, Reever knocks Komui out of his way and saves him,[77] declaring that he'll be more strict on Komui next time as he is bitten and making Komui whine about Reever and the others in the Science Division making weird experiments, as well.[78]

Komlin rises and comes to Komui's rescue when Krory comes up on Komui from behind, crying out that Krory is the source of the virus while Komui is relieved upon seeing that Krory, who has been unconscious since the mission in Edo, has finally woken up.[79] Krory tosses the Komlin aside and the ghost-possessed Lenalee pins Komui to the floor so he can be bitten, wanting him and the others to stay in the building with her forever. Suddenly, Komui starts listing off dozens of names, making the ghost girl stop the zombie hoard and listen in. Komui reminds her that she'd said that she couldn't remember her own name, explaining that he knows all of the names of those who had died in the Order's experiments and that he won't forget her, because he plans on bearing the burden of remembering them all.[80]

Her mind changed, the ghost girl asks Komui if he means it, and as he says he does Krory lunges at them again, only to be stopped when the Komlin crashes down on him from above and injects him with a vaccine it's been working on. Komui then frees himself and orders the Komlin to dispense the vaccine, but before it can Socalo throws his Anti-Akuma Weapon through its chest.[81] Komui is then bitten by Reever and Lenalee is bitten by Kanda, and as Komui starts to succumb to the virus and turn into a zombie, the ghost girl thanks him.[82] Later, Bak Chang would arrive to help with the move, discover what had happened, and would manage to derive a vaccine and cure everyone.

Disappearance of Cross Marian arc[]

Komui, part of the initial team sent to the new European Branch building to oversee Allen setting up Ark Gates to make the move easier, initially stays in the cabin of his group's ship, seasick. When Lenalee and Johnny go up onto the deck to check on Allen, Komui follows soon after, reminding the young adults that they are on a mission. He then asks them not to make them talk too much or he'll throw up.[83] When they arrive and Allen begins opening Gates, Komui stands back and watches with a smile on his face, reflecting on how, in a previous meeting with Allen, Allen had realized that he was the only one who could drive the Ark and that Cross had been testing him (Allen giving Komui a thumbs-down "message" to convey to Cross).[84] Just as Komui is thinking about how mean it is of him to put the pressure on Allen that he is, several CROW arrive and surround him and Lenalee, Lvellie taking Komui to a private room as Allen is escorted to another room close by so they can listen to Cross, who will be with Allen, as he talks to Allen about the Fourteenth, Lvellie assuring an angry Komui that Allen won't be hurt as long as he behaves.[85]

As they listen, Allen and Cross' conversation gets to a point where Cross slaps Allen, Komui a bit stunned and exasperated.[86] At the end of Cross and Allen's discussion, which reveals Allen to not be just the carrier of the will of the Fourteenth, but the carrier of the Fourteenth, himself, Komui is distraught, trying to suggest to Lvellie that, since the Fourteenth is against the Earl that he isn't necessarily the Order's enemy. Lvellie shoots the suggestion down, leaving Komui with no other way to defend Allen.[87] When Lvellie announces that he will make an announcement about how Allen will be handled the next day, and when Komui asks if that is the Pope's decision, Lvellie simply smiles and bids him a good night, Komui's face contorting as he leaves.[88]

Later that evening/early the next morning, Komui is summoned to Cross' room, where Cross is not to be found but a large puddle of blood stains the carpet, the window has been shattered and spattered with blood, and Cross Anti-Akuma Weapon, Judgment, lies abandoned on the floor.[89] As Komui takes in the scene with shock, kneeling and reaching out to touch Cross broken and bloodied mask on the windowsill, Timcanpy lands on his hand, and he glances back to see a horrified Allen standing in the doorway.[90]

The next day/later that day, all of the Exorcists are summoned by Lvellie and Komui, where Lvellie informs them that Allen, while bearing the Fourteenth dormant within him, will continue to serve as an Exorcist. At Lvellie's prompting, Komui issues the standing order to all of the Exorcists that, if Allen begins to show signs of the Fourteenth taken over that Allen is to be killed. Komui, however, is unable to say the last part, and Allen speaks up to finish for him.[91]

When new members of the staff begin to arrive, newly transferred from other Black Order branches/Central, Komui is seen trying to listen in on a conversation, only for his new secretary, Brigitte Fey, to arrive and start to escort him back to his office.[92]

Later, Komui summons the Generals to Hevlaska's chamber, where they bear witness to Hevlaska checking Cross' Judgment and announcing that the Innocence no longer recognizes Cross as its Accommodator. Froi Tiedoll asks if it was possible that Cross had escaped, commenting on the blood found at the scene, and Komui confirms that all of the blood found belonged to Cross, and that, judging by the fact that Cross' mask had been shot, it had likely been a fatal head wound.[93] When the question of what had happened to Cross' body comes up, Komui openly wonders if his body hadn't been taken by someone, Tiedoll suggesting that it had been Central's doing.[94]

Phantom Thief G arc[]

When the new Exorcist Timothy Hearst is brought back to the Order, he comes with the stipulation the Order will pay for all of the damages he had caused under the guise of the Phantom Thief G, much to Komui's horror.[95] When Brigitte adds up the total damages, including the cost of keeping the Hearst Orphan Asylum running, and shows it to Komui, he screams.

Also, when Timothy shows others how he can possess person by squeezing Lenalee's breasts, Komui gets really annoyed.[96]

Third Exorcists arc[]

Komui, at his desk and trying to work, answers a phone call and yells into it, thinking it's Tiedoll requesting that Timothy be his student again. The call, though, is from Bak Chang, as Bak is asking if North American Branch Head Renny Epstain has arrived, telling him not to talk to her until he gets there, the door opens and Renny walks in, asking Komui if he's taking a call.[97] When Bak does arrive, Renny tells them both, much to Komui's anger,[98] that several Third Exorcists have been created and that, by order of the Pope, Komui is to take them into his service as Exorcists.[99] Unable to say anything against the idea, Komui can only reflect on how Lvellie must have managed to sneak a shard of the Akuma Egg past him after the attack on the old European Branch.[100]

Seeds of Destruction arc[]

When Allen is detained as a traitor, Komui is seen in a meeting with several Central Cardinals with a pained expression, unable to say anything in Allen's defense.

After Tyki Mikk helps Allen escape, Komui orders that Allen be captured alive and before he can escape from the island, likely in one last attempt to save him.

Searching for A.W. arc[]

Three months later, when Kanda returns to the Order, Komui is happily surprise by his return and cries, petting Kanda to make sure he isn't an "Art of Kanda" Tiedoll had made. When the dying Zu Mei Chang returns Mugen to Kanda and Mugen crystallizes, liquefying in Lenalee's hand, Komui is mortified and angry when Kanda drinks the liquefied Innocence straight from Lenalee's palm.

Without telling Komui, Kanda makes the decision to go after Allen, leaving Lenalee and Marie to cover for him. Komui becomes quite irate when Lenalee can't tell him where Kanda went, asking her over and over again if she is lying, to the point where they escalate into an argument.


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