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  • Komui's hobbies are sewing and inventing.[1][2]
  • Komui likes Blue Mountain coffee, Lenalee, Jeryy-pon, Komlin, and the Science Section.[1][2]
  • Komui dislikes tidying up, Lenalee's future husband, Reever searching for him, and the God that took his sister away.[1][2]
  • Komui's personality and antics are based off Katsura Hoshino's editor Yoshida.[3]
  • Komui came 5th in the first D.Gray-man popularity poll,[4] however he dropped to 12th in the second.
  • Out of 100%, Komui commands 99% trust from his subordinates. The final percentage is a murderous hate.[5]
  • Komui is prone to seasickness.[6]
  • Komui wears slippers most of the time not only because they are comfortable, but also because his feet stink when he wears shoes, which annoys Lenalee. [7]
  • Though Komui is the chief officer of the whole Black Order he likes to refer to himself as "chief officer of the science section" to look less important than he actually is.[8]
  • Komui's necessities are Lenalee’s coffee, and protecting the Exorcists.[2]


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