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Major Battles[]

The purple is for anime only fights

  • Lavi VS Doug (Akuma)
  • Lavi and Allen Walker VS multiple level 1
  • Lavi and Allen Walker VS three level 2
  • Lavi and Yu Kanda VS three level 2
  • Lavi and Allen Walker VS Arystar Krory
  • Lavi VS Arystar Krory
  • Lavi and Bookman VS Eshi
  • Lavi And Arystar Krory VS level 2 Akumas
  • Lavi VS and Arystar Krory VS level 3
  • Lavi and Bookman VS level 3
  • Lavi and Arystar Krory VS 3 level 3
  • Lavi VS Tyki Mikk
  • Lavi Vs Skinn Bolic
  • Lavi, Allen and Krory Vs Devit and Jasdero
  • Lavi VS Road Kamelot
  • Lavi (brainwashed) VS Allen Walker
  • Lavi and Allen Walker VS Tyki Mikk (Joyd)
  • Lavi and Kanda VS Level 4
  • Lavi and Bookman and Chaozii VS Fiedla


  • (seeing a girl who meets his criteria): "Striiiiiike!"
  • (To Allen): "There isn't anyone who doesn't feel regret or sadness"
  • (To himself): "You can't just keep quiet and watch anymore, right? You are a failure."
  • (to himself): "The time spent in the Order passed on. I soon came to a point where I didn't know whether my smiling face was a lie or not."
  • "The other exorcists and I..we end up looking at all humans like the earl's minions."
  • (To an upset Lenalee): There is no way any of us could have helped him... This is a war! We had no choice! Get over it and Stand up!
  • (yelling at Miranda):" How can you be so calm? Aren't you worried about Lenalee? She's human just like you!"
  • "No matter where we go, it's just battles, battles and battles. I get it already, humans are stupid."
  • "The only home that a man should ever need is within his heart."
  • (To Krory): "Nice Teeth"
  • (After breaking from Road's influence and putting everything on fire):" I feel really good right now somehow"


  • He was originally going to be the main character of a series called Book-Man.[1]
  • Lavi has been 3rd in all the popularity polls held for D.Gray-Man, just behind Allen Walker and Yu Kanda.[2]
  • Lavi's favourite food is yakiniku, and his least favourite food is wasabi.[3]
  • His hobbies are reading, and collecting information.[4][3]
  • Lavi enjoys sleeping so much that, on top of sleeping 7–8 hours at night, he also likes to take hour-long naps during the day.[5]
  • He likes festivals, dancing, and sleeping.[4][3]
  • He dislikes his own smile, and he both likes and dislikes humans.[4]
  • Lavi's necessities are his position as a bystander, Bookman, and accessories.[4]
  • Lavi's favourite saying is "One time, one meeting", which is a four-character Japanese idiom that "describes a cultural concept of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a moment".[6][7]
  • Lavi is of Asian descent with a lot of other nationalities mixed in.[7]
  • Lavi's favourite drink is coffee, as it clears his head.[8]
  • Lavi prefers sweets over alcohol.[8]
  • Lavi's favourite colour is orange.[5]
  • Lavi is noted to have a particular fascination with numbers. He attributes this to his occupation as a chronicler.[9]
  • Lavi's strength is the ability to adapt to new environments and commit them to memory.[5]
  • His weakness is that he talks too much, which Bookman often tells him off for.[5]
  • A relaxing place for Lavi is in his room surrounded by books.[8]
  • Lavi has to wake up Bookman every day.[5]
  • Lavi relieves stress by sleeping.[5]
  • Lavi's eyesight is 1.5.[5]
  • Before missions Lavi likes to eat pasta, especially if there is seafood in it.[8]
  • If he finishes his current record, Lavi would like to travel the world to see all the historical ruins.[8]
  • When it comes to money, Lavi doesn't love it as much as Allen does, but he also isn't as indifferent as Kanda.[8]
  • If he had 100 guineas to spend, Lavi would buy books he has not read yet and then spend the rest on yakiniku.[8]
  • When he cannot sleep, Lavi pulls out strands of Bookman's hair one by one while he is sleeping.[8]
  • The happiest thing that happened to him is when he managed to return alive from the Ark.[8]
  • Something that angered him the most was his own inexperience when fighting Road in the Ark.[8]
  • If a fight were to break out in front of him, how Lavi would act would depend on the people involved, since the Bookman Clan can't interfere too much with other people.[8]
  • Lavi does take his eyepatch off to wash his face, however he washes his face in secret. He does, however, leave his eyepatch on when he uses the public baths.[10]
  • Lavi's manifesto would be:
1. Be on a first-name basis with people at the Order!
2. Secure nap time and enact plans to further increase said nap time!
3. Actively seek out more women to work at the Order.
  • Lavi and Bookman share a room.[9]
  • Like Krory's ending catchphrase "de aru", Lavi has a habit of saying "sa" at the end of his sentences, a masculine sentence-ending that indicates assertion.
  • According to Katsura Hoshino, Lavi's image-colour is orange, just like his hair and his favourite colour.[11]
  • According to Katsura Hoshino, Lavi is a very positive and nice boy when he isn’t tied down by obligations.[11]
  • According to Katsura Hoshino, Lavi is very easy to draw unlike Kanda and Allen.[11]
  • Lavi has a lot of spare eyepatches; they are anti-odor, antibacterial and quick-drying ones designed specially for him by the science section. He even wears them in the bath.[12]
  • Lavi is the type of fighter who can make use of any weapon depending on the situation. This is because he and Bookman spend a lot of time in war zones for their logs. Therefore, Bookman trained Lavi to be capable of handling any situation, and this included training in martial arts.[13]
  • When it comes to using a weapon, Lavi likes using cudgels.[13]
  • According to Marie, Lavi smells a bit of tobacco.[14]
  • Lavi has mastered all the languages of the countries he's been to.[15]


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