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This character, place, item or organisation originated in the anime and has never appeared in any work considered part of the manga canon.

Leaf of Revival

Leaf of Revival.

Leaf of Revival (復活の葉, Fukkatsu no Ha) is a major item in the Leaf of Revival Arc and is also a major object for Elda and her father. The leaf is located in a ice cave where the moon shines bright on it which the tree shines clearly. The tree has been protected by a powerful Innocence that keeps away strangers when they are only touching it or only comes near to it. When the innocence has been destroyed, the tree will be destroyed as well, leaving the leafs shining appearance in a rotten leaf. It is said that the leaf has been found by a hero named Sigmund. According to myth, the one who uses the leaf can bring back the one to life if they got killed by unnatural causes, someone or something or in a unfortunate accident.


  • It was first misunderstood by Lavi as "Tooth of Revival" (復活の歯) instead of "Leaf of Revival" because they are pronounced the same, but their kanji is different.
  • Frey thought that the Innocence was the Leaf of Revival.