D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Lenalee is a character of the one-shot Zone by Katsura Hoshino. She is a shopgirl at a Manjo shop in Osaka and the prototype for Lenalee Lee from D.Gray-man.


Lenalee is a young girl bearing many ressemblance with the one of D.Gray-Man. She has lighter hair and eyes and is apparently half japanese half chinese.. She wears her hair in two pigtails


When Japan opened its border after Edo era, the chinese parent of Lenalee could enter the country where he met her japanese parent and they gave birth to Lenalee. Her parents died when she was young. Because of her being half-foreigner , her life was difficult in Japan. Nontheless she met a young man and they fell in love before becoming fiances. Two years ago her lover engaged as a sailor in the Nivôse. Unfortunaly the ship sunk and there were no survivors. Some time later Lenalee received a letter from the Earl of Millennium who promised her her lover was still alive and she could see him again.


She finds Robin unconcious next to her shop. After giving him some food he wakes up and the boss makes him become a waiter to pay back for the food. During the work they get to know each others and talk about their pasts. She later leaves to find the Earl. She makes the pact to bring her lover back but just when she is about to complete it, Robin jumps in and stops the ceremony. He explains her what is the real purpose of the earl and she watches him fight the two earl's minions.

After his victory and the depart of the earl she heals him. She then returns to her shop with new hopes for her life.