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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Bilinguialism: Lenalee speaks at least two languages fluently: English and Chinese.

Bureaucrat skills: Lenalee used to be Assistant Branch Chief. As a consequence she did a lot of paperwork instead of her brother, and managed to do this in spite of her duties as an exorcist.

Physical Prowess: Lenalee is noted to have a "good punch".

Cooking: Lenalee has cooking as a hobby. [1]What's more she often makes coffee for the science division which is noted to be excellent.

Enhanced Speed: Even without her Dark Boots activated, Lenalee is extremely quick and agile. This, of course, is only enhanced when her Innocence is activated.


Lenalee's Innocence has been believed to be the Heart because of how her innocence saved her after her fight with the Level 3 Akuma, though this has not been confirmed yet.

Bio lenalee

Dark Boots level 1

Dark Boots (黒い靴(ダーク・ブーツ), Dāku Būtsu?): An equipment-type Innocence, Lenalee's initial version of the Dark Boots take the form of a pair of thigh-high boots. When activated the top part of the boots unwrap to her knees and a green stripe is shown down her leg from the top to the bottom and a green energy is emitted from her ankles. She is capable of great acrobatic feats and can easily deal with Level 1 Akuma. It seems to dramatically increase her leg strength, allowing her to jump vast distances, land from high falls uninjured and deliver devastating kicks.

  • Waltz: Mist Wind (円舞「霧風」, Enbu: Kirikaze?): Lenalee stirs up a destructive tornado with a whirling kick of her Dark Boots, which can serve as an offensive or defensive move. It was seen that Level 1 and 2 Akuma can't withstand being in the tornado as they will immediately explode on contact. And when her innocence crystallized, it became more powerful, even Level 3 Akuma cannot withstand to this technique.[2]
Level 2

Dark Boots level 2

Level Two: After her synchronization with her Innocence increases, Lenalee's boots are modified to enhance her abilities. When released Lenalee gains more weight, power and speed. The green energy strips are replaced with circles with a cross mark on them, and her boots now have knee pads and straps around her thighs. She can fight on par with a Level 3 Akuma with her Innocence in this form. Before her boots evolved her synchronization rate was 86%.

  • Burden, Acoustic Technique: Sound Shackles (音響の踏技 「音枷」, Onkyō no Tōgi: Otokase?): Lenalee becomes able to interface with sound waves, solidifying the sound of each step into a surface, which allows her to travel at the speed of sound.[3]
  • Burden, Water Surface Technique: Water Shackles (水上の踏技 「水枷」, Suijō no Tōgi: Mizukase?): Lenalee becomes able to interface with water, enabling her to walk on liquid surfaces.[4]
  • Falling Technique: Iron Shackles (失墜の踏技 「鉄枷」, Shittsui no Tōgi: Tetsukase?): Upon maximum invocation, Lenalee's power condenses onto her Dark Boots, meshing them into a morass of blades, carrying an extremely high weight. Assisted by Eshi's gravity shackles, this attack hit with the weight of 40,000 metric tons, which is equivalent to a meteor.[5]
Dgrayman c153 015

Dark Boots crystal type's first invocation

Crystal Type (結晶型, Kesshō-gata?): After Lenalee's synchronization rate with her Innocence fell to dangerously low levels, it was brought into question whether or not the Innocence was starting to reject her as an Accommodator. Hevlaska noted that this was not so, but that it seemed, instead, that the will of the Dark Boots was changing, and that it may be preparing to evolve.[6]

When attempting to merge with her Innocence again, the cube form it had taken liquefied, and Lenalee took this as an invitation to ingest the Innocence directly. The liquid passed through her body and emerged from two cross-shaped wounds on her ankles, one on each, where it merged with the blood that spilled out with it and reformed around her legs.


Dark Boots crystal type deactivated

When at rest, the newly formed Innocence takes the appearance of bangles around her ankles,[7] but when activated, the boots take the form of thigh-high stiletto boots with knee pads and slightly separated cuisses for her upper legs.[8] When she wishes to accelerate beyond the boot's normal speeds, flaps at the back of both of her heels unfurl[9] to increase her speed dramatically, though initially she has trouble gauging how quickly she's moving.


Dark Boots crystal type heels unfurl to release energy for massive acceleration

Lenalee notes that the boots don't react as her initial equipment type boots did, and rather than having to use her own body to tell the boots what to do, they seem to react simply to her thoughts.[10]

Later analysis reveals that the new boots aren't actually 'crystals' at all, but rather an unidentified metal made from merging Lenalee's blood with the Innocence, and because of this (theoretically speaking) as long as Lenalee has blood in her body she should be able to regenerate her Dark Boots by using more of her blood, even if the boots she's wearing at the time were to break.[11]


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