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Major Battles[]

The purple is for anime only fights

  • Lenalee Lee VS Komlin
  • Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker VS Ice, Kazekiri and Pang
  • Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker VS Road Kamelot, Ice, Kazekiri and Pang
  • Lenalee Lee VS Suman Dark (The Fallen One)
  • Lenalee Lee VS Eshi
  • Lenalee Lee VS Level 4
  • Lenalee Lee, Allen Walker and Cross Marian VS Level 4
  • Lenalee Lee and Cloud's team VS Lulu Bell
  • Lenalee Lee VS Goushi
  • Lenalee Lee VS Level 3 Akumas and Tokusa



  • She has no memory of anything before her parents' death.[1]
  • She wears shorts under her skirt, according to an Omake, but they were not seen or shown in her latest appearance.[2]
  • Lenalee came 4th in almost every popularity poll, always behind Kanda, Allen and Lavi. She came third in the third poll, beating Lavi. And in the latest poll she came 4th, losing to Lavi again.
  • Lenalee's favorite food is chocolate cake and her hobbies are cooking and helping out the science section..[3] She likes her big brother Komui, her comrades in the Science Division and in the Order, studying, cute shoes and she hates God and Innocence. [4]
  • In the one shot Zone Lenalee isn't a member of the Black Order and instead runs a café with Komui in China. She was also engaged to an unknown man who died in a ship accident, which the Earl tried to use to turn her into an Akuma.
  • Hoshino first wanted to design Lenalee with short hair but her editor was opposed. Lenalee later had short hair after it burned but she is now letting it grow back to its original length.
  • For Katsura Hoshino, Lenalee's image-color is deep purple.


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