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Lesley is an Akuma whose human body was that of a prime minister and whose influence was used by Sheril Kamelot to start a war so more Akuma could be created.


Lesley's human body was that of a middle-aged, somewhat portly man with sideburns, a mustache and thick eyebrows. He was well-dressed, with a business suit and medals that signified his status adorning a sash he wore under his suit jacket.


Lesley is shown to have an amiable personality, but during the brief flash he was shown to be an Akuma he seemed to have a very basic mindset, staying friendly in his speech even as he pointed a gun at Sheril and shot the attendant who tried to shield Sheirl in the temple.


As a human, Lesley had been the minister of a foreign country. He was turned into an Akuma so Sheril could stage an assassination in order to have a reason to start a war so more Akuma could be made.


Invasion of the Black Order arc[]


Minister Lesley pulls a gun on Sheril.

Lesley is first seen signing his country's half of a peace treaty between his country and the country Sheril Kamelot represents.[1] Sheril comments that he is impressed by Lesley's love for his country, and Lesley thanks Sheril for the opportunity to keep the peace, at the same time pulling a gun out of his jacket and aiming it at Sheril.[2] Lesley fires, but his shot hits one of Sheril's attendants, instead, through the temple, killing him. As the guards and Lesley's attendants attempt to restrain Lesley, one of the other men from Lesley's country attempts to assure Sheril that Lesley acted on his own and that their country has no desire to go to war.[3]

Sheril verbally accuses the emissaries of the other country of setting up the meeting as an attempt to take his life, declares the armistice void, and tells the emissary attempting to plead with him to "Save [his] breath. [Because Sheril] isn't listening." In the background, a upside-down pentagram appears on Lesley's head,[4] showing that he is actually an Akuma and that the entire situation has all been a setup on Sheril's part.


Lesley's pentagram, showing that he is an Akuma puppet.

Later, as Lavi and Bookman read through newspapers, they discover that the prime minister of the country Sheril had been representing declared war on Lesley's country, and that the day after Lesley's country did the same against Sheril's.[5] The two Bookmen reflect on how war leads to bloodshed and sorrow, which begets Akuma, showing that the whole "peace meeting" had been nothing more than a way for Earl to produce more Akuma.


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