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Lucia (ルシア, Rushia) is a young girl who is concerned about the future of the Bookman Clan.[1] She lives with Joe and Ur-Campy at the Campbell Residence.[2]


Lucia is a young girl with short, straight, lightly-coloured hair. She wears a loose jacket and black shoes, accompanied by a dark headband and large, round glasses.


Searching for A.W. - Hypokrisis[]

Lucia, accompanied by Ur-canpy, rushes to Joe in order to tell her that Bookman has regained consciousness, and is in terrible pain. Hearing this, Joe lifts Lucia up onto her shoulder and dashes back to the mansion.[2]

As they head there, Lucia asks what will become of Bookman now that he no longer has a successor. Furthermore, she wonders if his death would mean the loss of all the history passed down through the Bookman Clan. Joe, however, seems confident that this will not happen, since a man "who holds all the secrets" will soon arrive at the mansion, and that is the very reason Bookman had arrived there in the first place.[2]


  • Lucia's hobby is reading.[1]
  • She likes reading, Joe, and Ur-canpy.[1]
  • She dislikes Naga's mimicry.[1]
  • Any kind of book is a necessity for Lucia.[1]
  • According to Joe, Lucia runs too slowly.[2]


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