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Luigi Fermi (ルイジ・フェルミ; Ruiji Ferumi) is a member of the Black Order and the Branch Head of the Middle Eastern Branch.


Louis is a short, somewhat heavy-set older man with short, combed back hair and a flat nose. Like his fellow Branch Heads, he wears a long, white coat with silver crosses and a Rose Cross badge, symbolizing his status as a Branch Head.


Louis seems to be somewhat sardonic, seen asking a terrified Bak Chang if his rash has gone away after the younger man is frightened by Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie.



Louis, Bak Chang and Andrew Nansen at the meeting.

Louis is seen briefly at a meeting involving the Black Order Branch Heads and the Generals, two of the latter of whom have just returned from a mission in Japan. When Lvellie passively threatens General Cross Marian, making the others in the room shrink back and shudder, Louis flatly asks a shivering Bak (who is wearing a frog suit in that one panel for comic effect) if his hives have gone away[1].


  • Louis' interests include the radio, mystery novels, and he dislikes trouble.[2]


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