D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Lulu Bell and Mimi VS Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, Arystar Krory III and Lavi
  • Lulu Bell VS Allen Walker
  • Lulu Bell VS Winters Socalo, Klaud Nine and Cross Marian
  • Lulu Bell VS Klaud Nine's team



  • Lulu Bell's interests include carefree strolling, she likes milk and dislikes vacuum cleaners.[1]
  • The word (色, Iro) in Japanese literally means "color" but it is mostly used with a sexy implication and is often used in sentences expressing the attractiveness of a woman. Hence the choice of "lust" (which is also the base nounce for "Lustol") as a translation.
  • Lulu Bell is one of a few characters whose names use a "=" instead of "" as a separation. This may be used as a hyphen (-) to make an hyphenated first name or double-barreled first name (fr) such as it is common in few languages like French. In such case case "Lulu-Bell" would be the first name and her surname would be unknown. Other characters whose names use "=" are Malcolm C. Lvellie, Nea D. Cambell, Mana D. Cambell, and Caterina Eve Cambell.
  • Her ribbon was given to her by the Earl of Millennium.[2]


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