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Mahoja (マホジャ, Mahoja) is a loyal servant of Anita. She is also a supporter of the Black Order. She's shown to be very strong and will protect Anita from even an Akuma. She too, along with Anita and the rest of the crew except three, was killed on the way to Edo.


Mahoja is a tall, bald, brawny woman with an impressive stature and physical abilities.


Though she acts tough and can be bursque, Mahoja is very kind and protective, staying at Anita's side until the end and receiving a fatal wound for it. Like Anita, she accepted her own death calmly.

Personal Statistics[]

Sophistication 3
Humanity 3
Work Ability 3
Mental 4
Flexibility 3
Extra Statistics
Physical Strength 5


Edo and Asian Branch arc[]

She is seen in this arc by grabbing Lavi and Allen in their collars and sticking out her tongue showing a tatoo of the Vatican and was revealed that she was a supporter together with Anita. She escorted them to the backdoor for Allen and the others to be able to meet Anita. She was later seen kicking an akuma to protect Anita. Being a loyal servant, she protected her master even if it means taking a shot of an akuma bullet. She was last seen together with Anita watching the Cross group and the three survivors of the crew and as Miranda's time record was released from the boat the blood virus was infecting her and dying together with Anita.

Major Battles[]

Mahoja VS Level 2


  • Mahoja likes martial arts and Anita and dislikes cooking.[2]


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