Malcolm C. Lvellie (マルコム·C·ルベリエ , Marukomu C Ruberie) is a high-ranking Inspector of the Central Agency, a subsection of the Vatican that oversees the Black Order. He is the current head of the Lvellie Family.



Malcolm C Lvellie

Lvellie is a tall man in his fifties. He has short, slicked back brown combed back hair which are very short on each side of the head . He has a sharp and mostly displeased look. He is recognizable by the long brand of hair before his face as well as his toothbrush mustache (a style that was popular in the USA in the late 19th century) . When not capped his hair hand down before his face .He wears an official Black Order uniform and white gloves.


Lvellie is a strict and harsh man who enjoys using his authority to force others to do his bidding, in contrast to this nature, he is master at bakery and constantly invents new exotic cakes and other sweet dishes.

He seems to have a negative effect on Lenalee Lee and Hevlaska. He does not care for the well-being of the Exorcists and other members of the Black Order and will do anything to win the war against the Millennium Earl. Its hinted that he may be abusing his power while keeping the Vatican from knowing it.

Lvellie is someone who's moral compass it at most times questionable and frankly in the red zone to say the least, he is willing to instigate several questionable experiments for the sake of upping the Black Order's dwindling offenses but does not learn his lesson from the dismal results from both the Second and Third Exorcist projects, the latter even strengthening the enemy's own power. He felt that such actions were necessary to win the war against the Earl of Millennium, and even ordered the death of Yu Kanda when he threatened Alma Karma who was the womb for the Third Exorcist Project, demanded to know where Karma's body was and threatened Hevlaska to force synchronize the Innocence of Lenalee.

Lvellie's immorality is actually a form of desperation to ensure humanity's survival and these measures that he has taken are with the best of intentions at heart.

For all of his immorality, Lvellie has his redeeming features as well, these qualities began to manifest after the Third Exorcist's failure as weapons for the order and defection to the Noah Family. While it is noted that he dislikes sentiment he himself is not above showing sentiment to those that are close to him, genuinely caring about his personal assistant and go so far as to beg on his knees to save Link's life. He also genuinely smiled when Link fully recovered. He even let Kanda visit the dying Zu Mei Chang who had saved Link's life. He and Cross Marian apparently have some sort of partnership, or truce, enough that Cross revealed secret information to Lvellie about the 14th's betrayal.

Lvellie is a very wise and smart individual. Though he failed to see his mistakes for the dismal experiments that have more hurt the Order than helped it he is still someone who can see the bigger picture of things and deduce something that others might over look. He is someone who tends to question the things that he is told without absolute or at least convincing proof and wants sufficient information before making a decision. The best example is his atheist nature not believing in god because of lack of evidence for his existence and his refusal to side with the 14th until he understood and knew the reasons for Nea's betrayal in the first place.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Statistics Previous[1] Current[2]
Sophistication 5 5
Humanity 1 1
Work Ability 5 5
Mental 3 5
Flexibility 1 1
Extra Statistics
Authority 5 -
Black Ops - 5


Malcolm in the middle

Malcolm C. Leverrier as a child

Malcolm C. Lvellie was born and raised within Black Order walls. With Zu Mei Chang as his personal tutor.[3] The Lvellie family quickly gain authority in Black order - most likely by giving it's female members as specimens for experiments.[4] Having no better example than his ruthless father - Malcolm quickly learned that there is no better way to gain obedience than spread fear.[5] At some point Lvellie had obtained a role of high ranked inspector with a great deal of power within the Black Order - the rank itself outranks all of his family members within Black Order.[6]

At some point during his childhood he told Hevlaska that she is not a saint and blamed her for killing her own family members.[7] 8 years before the story he ordered that exorcist Noise Marie who was mortally wounded be a subject of the Second Exorcist Program.[8]

Malcolm got married in his youth following the family tradition. Though he doesn't wear a wedding ring.[9]


Invasion of the Black Order arcEdit

He was sent by the Vatican to investigate the details around General Cross Marian's lengthy hiatus from the Black Order but was also intent on learning more about Allen Walker and his abilities as the Musician. Even Cross was surprised to learn that Lvellie was aware of this secret. From there, he made it a evident that he did not trust Walker and spent a great deal of effort to interrogate him and determine if his use outweighed the danger of his destiny.

When Lulu Bell ambushed HQ to re-capture Akuma Egg. Lvellie wasted no time and quickly took his stand to save the egg from destruction is all ways possible.[10] But after acknowledging it's impossible he gave his assistant - Howard Link - an order to bring as many pieces of it as possible[11]

As the new threat - Level 4 Akuma - arose Lvellie takes radical decision to bring Lenalee Lee to the battlefield, being aware of her problems with Dark Boots.[12] As he reached hospital ward he snatched Lenalee from Head Nurse's care and forced the girl to follow his orders.[13] To Lvellie's displeasure Lavi volunteered to tag along.[14] To get quicker to the fight Lvellie decided to use half working lift.[15] As they were forcing the way to Hevlaska's chamber Lavi couldn't help but ask Lvellie questions about his believes of the Order and it's war with Earl to which Lvellie cut in with a superficial answer.

After arriving at the battlefield he forced Hevlaska to force Lenalee's synchronization with her Innocence - Hevlaska is resistant to this at first but quickly changed her mind after confronting herself with Lenalee.[16] After Dark boots had been successfully bounded with its user - Lvellie stick closely to Komui Lee to not to interfere with the fight.

Disappearance of Cross Marian arcEdit

After the disappearance of Cross Marian Lvellie comes back to the Black Order to investigate the happening. As he sits at the crime scene he spots Timcanpy - the golem seems to feel depressed by its previous master's disappearance.[17] He accidentally meets Allen with following him Link, who came to the room in search for Timcanpy. Lvellie tries to treat Allen with his newest cake but the Exorcist refuses dryly.[18] After brief conversation the Exorcist leaves angered[19] leaving his watcher and Lvellie alone. Lvellie admits that that the ambush was a set-up by someone else from the Order and that he's unaware of his identity.[20] Link, worried about his boss safety, begs if he can escort him back to Vatican, Lvellie decline.[21]

Third Exorcists arcEdit

Lvellie was later seen at a Northern Branch with the other members of the science division and were attacked by the Noah, including the Earl. Cyril used his powers to pin everyone on the wall and just as he was about to kill some of them, Allen arrives and stops him and the Earl.

Mystery of Kanda arcEdit

However, the Third Exorcists present start to lose control due to Alma Karma awaking and the building collapses. Lvellie stays on the sideline with the others as Allen and co. fight the Noah and Kanda fights Alma. He's shocked to see that Allen tried to save Alma and let him and Kanda escape using the ark. Lvellie shouts how angry he is at Allen and demands that he open's that ark to bring them back and tells him to kill Tokusa, and if he doesn't, then he will no longer be called an exorcist. Just as Allen seems to have finally gotten to Tokusa, Link restrains him and Lvellie tells Link to keep him restrained. After the Noah escape with the remaining Third Exorcists, they all go home with Lvellie having Allen imprisoned.

Seed of Destruction arcEdit

Malcolm C. Lvellie tries to contact his subordinate but without any afford. Worried by the fact, Lvellie dashes to the Walker's cell - just to find his assistant bleeding to death with pierced chest.[22] After Zu Mei Chang entered the room and noticed that young man is still alive he tries to stop the bleeding.[23]

Lvellie seems to be horrified by his assistant's state. But quickly regain his composure and closes the doors of a cell[24] and then the Sorcerer is visibly shocked when the British kneels down before him begging to save Link with his magic - it turns out that he needs to save both Allen and the 14th.[25]

Three months later Lvellie still mourns the loss, as the an stands above the grave, a new Inspector, Link's replacement, informs him about upcoming meeting with Asian Branch chief.[26]

Searching for A.W. arcEdit

20 days after Links near death experience at the hands of Apocryphos, Lvellie comes in to take Zu to rest and make him some tea to get better. He sees Link and asks if he's better which he says he is and tells him to meet him downstairs. He then informs Link of what he knows happened that night and asks if there was anyone else, but Link doesn't remember. He gives Link some money and weapons and tells him that his funeral has already happened and that everyone still believes that he's dead and wants him to go on secret missions for him. He tells Link that he wants him to help Allen, or really, the 14th. He informs Link of how Cross made a pact with him and told him about the 14th and that others in the Order want to use the 14th for their own purposes and wishes to use him to turn the tide of the war and wants Link to earn his trust and become his ally and protect him at all cost.

When Kanda arrives back to headquarters, Lvellie is present and allows Kanda to say what he wants but demands to know where he put Alma's body, but Kanda refuses. He allows Kanda to speak with Zu before he dies.

Abilities Edit

Pastry : Malcolm learned pastry from Zu Mei Chang. His cakes are said to be delicious.

Deducing and investigation Skills : Lvellie is gifted with a remarkable intellect. He was able to correctly predict Lenalee's decisive role in the protection of the Black Order from a level 4 Akuma with only mysterious and unreliable clues. Apocryphos himself noted his ability to "doubt of everything"

Relationships Edit

Zu Mei Chang: Zu Mei Chang was his teacher and one of the few people that addresses him as ‘Malcolm’.[27] . Malcolm seems to bear respect for Zu, though he hid the fact that Alma had survived from him. Upon Zu's death, Malcolm showed for the first time gestures of tenderness. He seemed genuinely affected by his teacher's death.

Renny Epstain: Renny is one of the few people Lvellie seems to have a "sane" relationship with. They presumably know each others for a good amount of time as the Epstains were involved in Central as are the Lvellies. At her introduction Renny declares that she likes Malcolm's "snake personality" (unlike Bak's frog one). He trusts her enough to entrust her with the previous Akuma Egg and the Third Exorcist Program.

Komui Lee: As Chief Officer of the Black Order, Komui has to treat with the inspector from Central. Komui has joined the Order to protect the exorcists whereas Lvellie treats them as pawns to defeat the Earl. As a consequence they are in a deep ethics opposition. Komui often tries to oppose his decisions roundabout way as he doesn't have the power to oppose him head on.

Howard Link: Howard is Malcolm's fiercely loyal assistant. He has a committed devotion to serve him to the point it has been noted to be similar to fanatical. However recently Howard has started to be divided regarding the fate of Allen Walker in the 14th case. Malcolm is very trustful regarding his assistant, frequently congratulating for his work and entrusting him with highly important tasks. When Link was left for dead, Malcolm showed deep concern and asked his old master Zu (one of the very few people he seems to care for) to sacrifice himself to save him as he absolutely needs Link. They talk together in a formal way.



Malcolm C. Leverrier as omake character

  • Lvellie likes baking cakes and authority and dislikes sentiment.[28]
  • Malcolm C. Lvellie appeared only once in anime's post credit omake, in which he popped-up saying "yey".[29]
  • According to Hoshino, he had siblings that were killed during Order experimentation. He's the last one left.
  • Due to Japanese/English transcription, Lvellie's surname has been given many spelling including Leverrier, Luverier, Lvellie, Lubelier and else. Jeryy's writing it on a meal confirms it's "Lvellie". [30]


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