Black OrderEdit

Zu Mei ChangEdit

Zu Mei Chang was his teacher and one of the few people that addresses him as ‘Malcolm’.[1] . Malcolm seems to bear respect for Zu, though he hid the fact that Alma had survived from him. Upon Zu's death, Malcolm showed for the first time gestures of tenderness. He seemed genuinely affected by his teacher's death.

Renny EpstainEdit

Renny is one of the few people Lvellie seems to have a "sane" relationship with. They presumably know each others for a good amount of time as the Epstains were involved in Central as are the Lvellies. At her introduction Renny declares that she likes Malcolm's "snake personality" (unlike Bak's frog one). He trusts her enough to entrust her with the previous Akuma Egg and the Third Exorcist Program.

Komui LeeEdit

As Chief Officer of the Black Order, Komui has to treat with the inspector from Central. Komui has joined the Order to protect the exorcists whereas Lvellie treats them as pawns to defeat the Earl. As a consequence they are in a deep ethics opposition. Komui often tries to oppose his decisions roundabout way as he doesn't have the power to oppose him head on.

Howard LinkEdit

Howard is Malcolm's fiercely loyal assistant. He has a committed devotion to serve him to the point it has been noted to be similar to fanatical. However recently Howard has started to be divided regarding the fate of Allen Walker in the 14th case. Malcolm is very trustful regarding his assistant, frequently congratulating for his work and entrusting him with highly important tasks. When Link was left for dead, Malcolm showed deep concern and asked his old master Zu (one of the very few people he seems to care for) to sacrifice himself to save him as he absolutely needs Link. They talk to each other in a formal manner.


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