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No matter what happens, I will always love this beautiful world.
— Mana to Red

Mana Walker (マナ・ウォーカー, Mana Wōkā), born Mana D. Campbell (マナ=D=キャンベル, Mana D Kyanberu), was the adoptive father of Allen Walker and the older twin brother of Nea D. Campbell. After Nea's death, he became a travelling clown, and worked alongside his dog, Allen.


Typically, Mana is seen under the guise of a classic whiteface clown; he wears white makeup which fully covers his face, ears and neck, accompanied by red and orange makeup to accent his eyes and mouth. He wears an oversized costume typical of whiteface clowns, complete with a ruffled collar.

He has slicked back, dark hair, and is usually seen in a travel-worn suit, top hat and frock coat, the latter of which has cufflinks that bear his coat of arms; an ornate shield with a coronet supported on both sides by banners. It has been noted by Red that he has golden eyes.[1][2]

When Mana was a young man, he had wavy hair which is tied back into a ponytail.


Mana was a comical though somewhat emotionally distant person, often resorting to humour when he could not express himself properly (such as when he "hanged" himself from a tree at Allen the dog's passing and told Allen—then known as "Red"—he was "so sad he could die", doing so because he could not shed tears).[3] Furthermore—according to Cross—after Nea's death, Mana's sanity started slipping.[4] However, when Allen began travelling with him, Mana became a more paternal person, teaching Allen many things and coming to love him.

Despite this, after finding out he is the host for Nea's consciousness, Allen could not help but question whether it was him or Nea that Mana loved.[5]

Both Cross and Nea remember Mana as having been a cheerful and kind person prior to Nea's death and the incident with the Noah 35 years ago, and Cross notes that the Mana that raised Allen was very much like how Mana used to be in the past. This is late confirmed when Mana is revealed to have been reverted to the mental state of his 17 year old self.



Mana as a child.

The Earl of Millennium once vanished, leaving only two new-borns where he stood. The two babies were found and adopted into the Campbell Family, and were given the names Mana and Nea. They were raised by Caterina Eve Campbell in the Campbell Residence.[6] At some point Mana became very ill, leaving the Campbell residence fearing that he would never make it to adulthood.[7] Caterina looked after him day and night, seven days a week. He eventually recovered to the delighted shock of Nea.[8]

Mana stayed by his younger brother's side even after Nea became a Noah, and when Nea betrayed the Noah Family and his coup failed, Mana went on the run with Nea, fighting the Earl alongside his brother until the Earl succeeded in killing both Nea and their mother Catherine (though the latter is later revealed to be alive), supposedly by usurping Mana's body.[9] After Nea's death, Mana was consumed by the Earl; who proceeded to permanently change the appearance of their body into someone unrecognizable to prevent Mana from getting reminded of Nea again. The hope was that he would forget his own existence and allow the Earl complete control over their body, as the Earl considered Mana's pacifism a threat to "the scenario".

Some time later Mana still resurfaced. He had lost his memory of Nea's death and his sanity slowly began slipping as he set out to find his brother, who to him had simply gone missing one day. He was worried that Nea would not recognize him in his new form and begun working as a traveling clown, thinking he had a better chance to find Nea if he could attract large crowds of people. He later admitted to Red that he came to enjoy working as a clown because it made people smile, and Mana believed that sorrow and grief would attract the Earl.

As a clown, he owned a dog named Allen, an animal performer he had bought from a previous contract after it had lost its master. He made Allen part of his act and the dog would provide a majority of Mana's emotional support during his travels. At some point Mana joined a circus in where he met a clown named Cosimov and a boy named Red. He soon became the star performer, which caused Cosimov to become so jealous that he ended up beating Allen the dog to death. As he buried Allen, the young boy named "Red" approached Mana and attended the small burial with him, their conversation revealing that Mana would be leaving the next day, on Christmas. On top of this, it is also revealed Red was the victim of Cosimov's jealousy-fueled beatings.[10] When Red asked Mana why he didn't cry over Allen's death, Mana explains that his tears had long since dried up, and Red then asked for the dog's name, explaining that Allen had licked his hand and had been friendly to him. When Red started crying, Mana realized that Red had considered Allen a friend.[11]

Mana ended up staying at the circus after Allen's death, adopting Red as his personal assistant and apprentice; sometimes allowing him to take Allen's place in his shows. Red often noted that Mana was "not all there", suffering random lapses in in judgement such as assuming random strangers were Nea or spontaneously losing his perception of time and space. Nonetheless, Red considered Mana his savior and was determined to protect him in turn. Mana at one point mentions that he is only 17, but one day woke up in the body of an adult man.


The musical Score inside Timcanpy.

Soon after, Apocryphos attacks the circus and turns its members against Red and Mana. Mana is left emotionally vulnerable when Cosimov digs up Allen's body and Red snaps in his defense, awakening his innocence and attempting to kill Cosimov in vengeance. Mana tries to stop Red but winds up getting hit by the attack instead when Apocryphos turns Red's anger on him. Apocryphos's intention was for Red to destroy Mana while he was cut off from his Noah abilities but the attack only winds up shattering Mana's mind and memory and the Earl's suit is summoned from Red's grief. Mana's last memory is of Nea telling him to "keep walking" and before "dying" he thanks Red for being Allen's friend. When the Earl's suit begins to kill everyone at the circus, Cross Marian defends the unconscious Mana and Red in an attempt to prevent the Millennium Earl from being reborn.

Cross insults the Earl, calling him an empty shell without Mana to guide him and telling him that Mana has "not given into despair yet". The frustrated Earl disappears into Mana's shadow again and Cross rushes to the man's aid. Cross is worried he has arrived too late as Mana is completely unconscious, but he can't figure out why. He has no physical injuries, but his aura is disturbed. As Cross is trying to find a way to help Mana, an akuma appears out of the ground and snatches the man's body up into the air - telling Cross that he will eat Red and bring the Earl back to the Noah to get healed. Cross tries to bargain with the akuma for Mana's safety in exchange for Red's life, but eventually gives up and kills the monster. After Mana and Red are safe, Cross tries to kill Red in vengeance. He is stopped several times by his innocence and Tim before giving up. After sending Red away he tells him that he should remember that "this is all his fault".

In the aftermath of Apocryphos's attack on the circus, Red wakes up to find Mana desperately searching for Allen - who had died a couple of nights prior - and realizes something is very off. After Red embraces him and apologizes for hurting him, Mana mistakes Red for his dog and insists, despite Red's protests, that Red is the missing Allen. Red is distraught, but when the events of past days are brought up, Mana zones out and discusses moving south - though claiming not to remember why he was on the move in the first place. Red desperately reminds him of his quest to look for Nea to no avail, he realizes Mana has forgotten everything that defined him as a person prior to the attack. Feeling guilty for "breaking" the old Mana, Red takes on Allen's name and vows to look after the amnesiac man like his dog once did. He swears to Mana that he will teach him all the things he has forgotten about himself and remember in his stead. Mana is happy and tells Red that although he looks different than he remembers, he is happy to be able to hold his hand now. As the two set off on their journey, they are watched by both Road and Cross.


Introduction Arc[]

Mana appears briefly in a flashback when the Earl of Millennium calls Allen out on killing his "father," revealing to Jan, who Allen is protecting, that Allen had done the same thing Jan's friend, Leo, had done to his mother. In the flashback, the Earl approaches Allen as he sits at Mana's grave, and when the Earl brings Mana back in an Akuma skeleton for Allen, Mana becomes enraged and curses Allen, cutting his eye.[12] The stress of this attack causes Allen's Anti-Akuma Weapon to awaken for the first time, and as the Innocence lashes out at Mana against Allen's wishes. Mana tells Allen he loves him and begs him to kill him.[13]

The Vampire of the Old Castle Arc[]

When the Akuma Eliade injures and knocks him out, Allen is approached by the apparition of Mana. Allen tells Mana that, even if his cursed eye, which had been damaged during a confrontation with Road Kamelot, hadn't healed and he hadn't regained the ability to differentiate between Akuma and humans, he would have gone on to fight alongside his friends, wanting to share their fate.[14]

As he fades away, Mana tells Allen that he should "go deeper into the world of black and white," and when Allen awakens, his cursed eye has evolved.[15]

Noah's Ark Arc[]

As Allen recovers from his recent battles in Edo and on board Noah's Ark, he reflects on his ability to control the Ark. He cries as he realises that the symbols he uses to control the Ark are the same symbols of the secret code he and Mana had "made up," causing Allen to not only doubt if the path he is walking is his own, but Mana too.[16]

Invasion of the Black Order Arc[]

When Howard Link begins questioning Allen about his knowledge of the symbols that control the Ark, Allen keeps the fact that Mana taught them to himself, though he is left, again, to wonder who Mana was.[17]

Destruction of the Black Order Arc[]

After Lulu Bell's attack on the Black Order's European Branch is thwarted, Cross is sent back to Central before he and Allen can talk. When questioned by Komui Lee about the score, Allen reveals that he has no idea how the Score imprinted itself on his memory. He becomes distraught, and at that moment only wishes to speak with Cross; if Cross could tell him that it was okay to trust Mana, he would be fine with everything else.[18]

Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc[]

When Cross reveals that Mana and the 14th Noah (Nea, though he is yet unnamed) were brothers, and that the 14th's memories are taking over Allen's body, Allen asks if Mana had even loved him, to which Cross can only say that Mana had started acting strangely after the 14th's death.[19]

Artificial Exorcists Arc[]

While recovering from grievous wounds he accidentally inflicted upon himself, Allen has a dream about Mana. In the dream, Mana approaches Allen and invites him to come along with him, and as Allen regresses to a child-like state, Mana slowly stops calling Allen "Allen" and calls him something else, this new name obscured.[20] Though Allen goes with Mana happily, he still silently begs Mana not to call him by this other name.[21]

Searching for A.W. Arc[]

After the reveal in Night 219, Nea keeps calling the Earl "Mana". which causes a confused Earl to ask why he calls him that. Disturbed, the Earl keeps repeating that he is "not Mana", and he finally snaps; while attacking Nea, he states that he knows where Mana D. Campbell is: According to him, Mana is in "a place from where he can't return". In Edinstown, Allen finds a symbol that had been written by Mana when they were in the city. As Allen recalls, the symbol means "I'm here".


  • Mana's mature face is never clearly shown until chapter 232. Prior to this, we only see him partly from behind and see his whole face only when he was young.
  • Mana declared himself as 17 years old in Reverse Volume 3. This is how old he was when Nea tried to usurp the Earl of Millennium.


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