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Maosa Han (マオサ・ハン, Maosa Han) is one of three surviving crew members of Anita's ship after it was attacked by Akuma at sea. He is the older brother of Chaozii Han.[1] He later became a Finder at the Black Order.


Maosa is a tall young man of Asian descent. He has dark, somewhat spiky hair and his eyes are never visible.


Maosa is very protective of his younger brother. He hoped to become a Finder so he would not have to worry about Chaozii being alone.[2]


He grew up with his brother and at some point they became part Anita's crew. His mother was killed by an Akuma while pregnant, she could only deliver Chaozii thanks to Anita and her mother. [3]


Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]

Maosa set sail with the others members of the crew in Anita's ship. He, along with Kie and Chaozii, managed to survive the battle on the sea, and boarded the lifeboat with the Exorcists, tearfully leaving behind the collapsing ship and its doomed crew.[4]

In Japan Maosa, Kie and Chaozii travel with the Exorcists to Edo. After the battle against the Noah they meet up with General Tiedoll and his apprentices under a bridge. Maosa and Kie were not pulled into Noah's Ark unlike Chaozii.

Noah's Ark Arc[]

Maosa stayed with the remaining Exorcists while they fought multiple giant Akuma. After the battle Maosa, along with Kie, hopes to become a Finder.

Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc[]

Maosa is sent to London with a group of Exorcists to retrieve the Innocence from within the late Mister Martin's ring. While Howard Link engages Mister Martin in a game of chess, Maosa has to deliver the news that their talisman has run out of power, however, Miranda manages to protect the group until Link wins the game.[5] When Allen, Kanda, Miranda and Link are ordered to head back to headquarters, Maosa and Kie stay behind as they have other duties to attend to.[6]

Searching for A.W. Arc[]

He is seen next to Chaozii and Kie preparing for missions.


  • Maosa's hobby is wood carving.[1][7]
  • He likes beer[1] and Mahoja.[7]
  • He dislikes tomatoes[1] and the smell of strong perfume.[7]
  • Maosa's necessities are Chaozii's and Kie's safety.[7]


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