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Marc is the first akuma's vessel met in the series. He was the husband of Claire and the brother-in-law of Moore.


Marc is a priest with brown wavy hair of average height.


Marc was a kind-hearted priest who chose to believe in God, and persuaded Claire and Moore to do the same, until Claire's death. When Claire died, Marc becomes hateful towards God and curses him in hatred.



Marc and Claire get married

Claire and Moor's parents were killed by burglars when they were young, and Marc took care of them. Marc and Claire fell in love and were married.[1]

When Moor expressed her desire to become a police officer, she and Claire had an argument. Marc tried to patch things up behind Moor and Claire, explaining to Claire one day in the church, while Moor hid behind them, that Moor wanted to become a police officer to protect them.[2] Just as Claire was deciding to accept her sister's path, a large, wrought iron cross over the piano she was playing broke off of its rope and fell on top of her, killing her instantly.

Mark Meets the Earl

Marc meets the Earl

After that, Marc turned on God and began to tear the church apart, and the Earl of Millennium appeared before Marc in his despair and offered to bring Claire back. Once Claire's soul had been summoned, she was forced to kill Marc and insert her Dark Matter, Akuma skeleton into his body, and after that the Akuma hid its nature while living with Moor so it could continue to feed.[3]


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