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Mark Burroughs (マーク・バロウズ, Māku Barouzu) is a member of the Black Order and Section Leader of Science Division Section Three of the European Branch, alongside his colleagues Reever Wenhamm (Section One) and Legory Peck (Section Two).


Mark is a tall, dark skinned man whose eyes are never seen because of his round glasses and gray hair that is cropped close to his scalp. Like his fellow Science Division Section Leaders, he wears a specialized lab coat with badges on the collar symbolizing his status.


Mark is much more serious than his colleague and fellow former Central science technician, Legory Peck, shown openly disrupting Legory's attempt to flirt with a much younger Lenalee Lee before turning to Reever and demanding that he (Reever) and the other members of his section bathe and use deodorant. Mark has a habit of keeping his right hand lifted, his left cupping his right elbow, so he can rub his right thumb and index fingers together.

Mark is a meticulous man bordering on cleanliness freak. He enjoys cleaning and dislikes filthy things. He keeps a disinfecting spray.[1]


Mark was originally part of the science team at Central, and was added to the European Branch roster after the branch moved from its old location to its new one as a result of an Akuma invasion that killed a large portion of the branch's original science staff.


Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc[]

Mark is first seen disrupting Legory Peck's more than slightly lecherous attempt to flirt with Lenalee Lee by taking a cup of coffee Lenalee had offered Legory (Legory having taken the opportunity to clasp his hands over hers) and drinking it before handing the cup back to Lenalee.[2] Mark then pointedly ignores an indignant Legory in favor of turning to Reever and informing him that his (Mark's) subordinates have been complaining about an odor coming from Reever's division. When Reever, whose slightly stunned, asks if its really that bad, Mark asks how Reever can even call his unit a science division before angrily demanding that he (Reever) and his men use deodorant.

Artificial Exorcists Arc[]

Later, Mark and his unnamed female assistant are sent (along with Reever, Johnny Gill, Legory and Legory's assistant) to the North American Branch to study the source of the newly stationed Third Exorcists powers, Alma Karma.[3] When the Earl of Millennium arrives, Mark and his assistant are taken hostage along with the others in Alma Karma's containment chamber,[4]

After Alma awakens and he and Yu Kanda begin fighting, Mark is first one of the ones saved by Third Exorcist Tokusa, then one of the many injured by Tokusa's attacks after Tokusa's Alma cells take over his body.[5]


  • Mark likes maths. [1]


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