Marvin Huskin (マービン・ハスキン, Mābin Hasukin) is a member of the Science Section in the European Branch.

Appearance Edit

Marvin is a tall man with mid-length, brown hair which is pulled back into a pony tail. He also has long bangs which cover his eyes. He also has a very thin moustache.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Marvin's personality, however, he seems quite reserved.

History Edit

Originally from the South America Branch, he was promoted and transferred to the European Branch.[1]

Plot Edit

Destruction of the Black Order Attempt arc Edit

Marvin is seen witnessing the ravages of Komurin. When Lenalee finally defeats it, he encourages her and he welcomes back Allen when he awakes with the others.

Suman Dark's fall Arc Edit

Marvin is with his co-workers as they talk with Komui about Suman's case. He does not say anything when Johnny talks about his relationship with Suman.

The Vampire of the old Castle ArcEdit

Marvin has a dubitative look when Komui talks about finders who were the prey of the vampire.

Order in Crisis Arc Edit

Marvin is shocked when faced with the death of the many black order members. He follows his section chief regarding his attitude towards their fallen comrades.

Edo and Asian Branch arc Edit

Marvin looks pleased when Komui contacts Allen through the radio earring after they learned that he got back his Innocence.[2]

Noah's ark arc Edit

Marvin is present with everyone to welcome back the exorcists after they escape the ark. [3]

Invasion of the Black Order Arc Edit

Marvin is present in the room when Lulubell attacks, and unfortunately loses his life.[1]

References Edit

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