D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Matera (マテールMatēru) Mateel or Mater is an abandoned seaside town in Southern Italy. Allen Walker was sent there for his first mission along with Yu Kanda to investigate about the ghost of Mater.

Landmarks and Architecture[]

Matera is a seaside town seemingly built next to a cliff. The  buildings are in bricks even though they are now decrepit and the streets are paved. Under the town, there is a very vast network of tunnels designed to protect the people from the sun. One of the tunnels passes through the seaside hills and leads to the sea. Some passages are very narrow and others are large. The underground is supported by columns . There is one particular vast room that is filled with many columns and sand.


Matera used to be inhabited but eventually, the town started to undergo poverty. It finally was nicknamed "the land forsaken by the gods". To forget their misery, people started to make dolls designed to sing and dance. Lala was one of them. Lala was apparently given a shard of Innocence which gave her the ability to think before everyone in the town finally left. During 400 years, only a few people wandered into the town. Unfortunately, they each time met Lala who asked them if they wanted a song. Out of utter horror they attacked the doll and she killed them. This caused the eerie legend of the Ghost of Mater. 81 years ago, a deformed child Guzol came to the town and asked Lala for a song. They have been living together in the town since this moment. 

The town is the scene of the Ghost of Mater arc. The Innocence inside Lala is spotted by Finders and they call Exorcists to retrieve it. Allen Walker and Yu Kanda are led by Toma to the town.  They face A Level 2 Akuma and finally defeat it in the underground. They make a huge hole in the floor that opens to the underground in the process.

After the Artificial Exorcists arc, Allen Walker sends Kanda and Alma Karma to Matera with Noah's Ark. Alma spends his last moments with Kanda before dying.

Known Inhabitants[]


  • Matera is nowadays inhabited. The city is accurately represented by the author in D.Gray-man save for the huge network of galleries she took the freedom to imagine.