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Mina (ミーナ, Mīna) is Narain's sister, who had become an Akuma after she died.


Mina is a young Indian woman with brown hair, wearing gold jewelry.


When Allen and Cross had been in India at a royal palace of the Maharaja, Mina was working at the palace along with her brother. While Narain was studying to become a doctor, Mina worked as the lady-in-waiting for the deceased Maharaja’s wife. She dreamed of becoming a dancer in London and already performed as a dancer in the palace.

Wanting to buy her brother a book, Mina went into the city as the Akuma attack took place and consequently died from a collapsing building dropping on her. Narain, mourning the loss of his sister, turned to the Earl of Millennium and became an Akuma.

Mina’s soul, bound in chains, appeared to Allen as he faced this Akuma, which gave him the strength to finally activate his arm and destroy it.