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I've never had anyone say "thank you" to me. That means I've never been helpful to anyone. I wanted somebody to say "thank you" to me and I wanted them to accept me.
— Miranda

Miranda Lotto (ミランダ・ロットー, Miranda Rottō) is an Exorcist and member of European Branch of the Black Order. In her hometown, she was notorious for having "bad luck," and has had over one hundred jobs, all of which she was fired from because of her persistent clumsy and socially awkward nature. Miranda, during her time as an Exorcist, eventually joined the Socalo Unit.


Miranda has pale skin and dark circles around her eyes. Initially, she kept her hair up in a bun constantly and wore a dress which made her look much older than she actually was. Since meeting with Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee and beginning her quest to become an Exorcist though, she wears her hair down but, she now wears her hair in a high pony tail after the return back to the European branch. She has now elected to wear slightly less conservative attire. Miranda has also been seen wearing gloves to cover the puncture scars on her hands, and is rarely, if ever, seen without a pair. After the return of Edo Miranda could relax and start to sleep correctly as well as eat properly. As a consequence she gradually lost her dark circles, her skin got better and she revealed herself to be a rather pretty woman.[1]

Miranda is the only Exorcist that controls a non-offensive anti-Akuma weapon, and often keeps it invoked even after reaching her physical limit. When it was pointed out that in order to keep her Innocence activated for the duration of the journey to Japan she would have to stay awake, she answered that she could stay awake for days on end. She attributes this to her deep depression over losing so many jobs keeping her awake in the past.


Miranda is a gloomy and neurotic person who often feels inferior and useless, partially because she was fired from all one hundred jobs she previously tried to work. While she can be reclusive and detached from the rest of the world, she is a kind and friendly person who genuinely wants to do her best and help others. Her klutzy and at times erratic nature is often the subject of comic relief within the series. She tends to constantly apologize for everything she does, even if the act is helpful. Her helpless attitude seems to get on the nerves of fellow exorcist, Yū Kanda. In her hometown, she was often mocked and ridiculed in a song by the town's children who looked upon her presence as a sort of jinx.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[2] Current[3]
Sophistication 4 4
Humanity 4 4
Combat Ability 3 0.5
Mental 2 4.5
Flexibility 3 2
Extra Statistics
Panic Level 5 -
Supportiveness - 5


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