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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Stamina: Miranda has markedly incredible stamina, able to stay awake for days at a time,[1] force the invocation of her Innocence to continue well beyond her limits,[2] and even shield small groups of people from attacks from Level 4 Akuma[3] and even the Earl.[4]


Miranda Lotto 1

"Time Record" Invoked

Time Record (刻盤(タイムレコード), Taimu Rekōdo?): Miranda's equipment-type Innocence takes the form of a disk located on her right arm, though she is later seen carrying it from a strap on her shoulder, like a purse.[5] This weapon was created from the original clock that created the repeating town. When activated, it appears from her right arm and "slides" to her wrist. The disk has two green, glowing circles, with circles orbiting the center. With it, she can use the following techniques:

  • Time Recovery (時間回復(リカバリー), Rikabarī?): This sets up a time zone where anything in it will recover and revert it into it's original state.[6] When invoked, a giant clock face appears above the zone being affected,[7] however, if damage is made to this clock face, Miranda will feel pain.[8] This power is only temporary; once Miranda stops her power, all damage suffered earlier will return, as well as wounds suffered during the time that she used her Innocence.[9] It cannot erase time, thus is cannot bring the dead back to life, meaning that if one incurs a fatal injury while under the effects of Time Recovery, that person will die once the invocation ends, if the injury doesn't kill them right off.[10]
    • Miranda can sense when the 'time' of a person who is under the effects of Time Recovery has come to an end; in other words, she can tell when Time Recovery's effects are abruptly cut off, be they because of death or other reasons.[11][12]
Miranda - Time Out

Miranda in Time Out.

  • Time Out (時間停止(タイムアウト), Taimu Auto?): A defensive technique, which creates a space where the time stops, negating any attack that attempt to enter the area, like a shield. When Miranda deactivates her Time Out, the space in which the Time stops will return to normal, however when the space returns to normal, the damage taken in by Time Out will be vanished as if the space was not damaged. However this ability greatly weakens Miranda, meaning she can only use this ability for a short period of time. [13] While this ability is invoked, any opponent who enters the space will find themselves immediately exiting the same way they came in while allies are able to enter freely. It is likely that Miranda's will is what determines who can and cannot enter Time Out.
  • Reverse (時間吸収(リバース), Ribāsu?):By encircling a target with the power of Time Record, Miranda draws out its time to rewind the state or location of the target and freeze it. Her ability does not turn back time, though, since the target resumes its state or location once Miranda stops her invocation. This is seen in the Destruction of the Black Order Arc, when she managed to stop the Akuma egg going through the ark gate.


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