D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Mister Martin was a chess champion whose ghost haunted an Innocence ring after his death.


During his life Mister Martin was a renowed chess champion. He has apparently never( or only at the beginning of his career) lost a game. He has an older sister. When he died he was unsatisfied and his mind stayed on earth incapable of joining the other side. The Innocence in a ring allowed him to come to his grave every night under the form of a ghost hand to play chess.


The Black Order finally heard of his haunting a graveyard and they sent three exorcists to retrieve the innocence. The akumas apparently also heard of the phenomenon as the exorcists as to fight them to get the innocence. Martin beated one by one Allen Walker, Yu Kanda, Miranda Lotto and the two finders at chess. He eventually lost to Howard Link and was satisfied. The ghost hand disappeared enabling the exorcists to retrieve the ring.