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Moor Hesse (モア・ヘッセ, Moa Hesse) is a policewoman and a minor character who first appeared in the first chapter and first episode of the series.


Moor is a tall, slender woman with long brown hair and blue eyes. She wears round glasses. While on duty she is dressed in a police uniform, consisting of dark blue trousers and matching cloak, a white shirt with suspenders and mid calf length black boots. She also wears a helmet-shaped hat similar to those that you would find law enforcement in England wearing. When off duty, she is seen wearing a simple dress.


Moor is a woman of justice, becoming a police officer in order to protect her sister, as well as to pursue justice by hunting down other criminals. This escalated to the point of arguing with her sister of the impending danger of the career. Despite this, Moor loves her sister and brother-in-law dearly.

Moor did not believe in demons and ghosts, despite being a religious person, until her brother-in-law transformed into an Akuma in front of her.

Personal Statistics[]

Sophistication 3
Humanity 4
Work Ability 4
Mental 3
Flexibility 3
Extra Statistics
Righteousness 5


Moore in Claire's wedding

Moor in Claire's wedding.

When Moor's parents were killed by burglars, she and her elder sister Claire were taken in by the priest Marc.[2] As the sisters grew older, Claire fell in love with Marc, and the two got married. Moor then became a policewoman to protect her sister, which resulted in her having an argument with Claire. Marc comforted Claire, saying that Moor was pursing justice, not revenge, while Moor was hiding behind her brother-in-law, feeling sorry for the argument she had with Claire earlier. Just as Claire managed to regain her faith in God, a giant cross fell loose from the ceiling, killing Claire, much to Marc and Moor's horror.[3]

When Marc fell into despair and became unresponsive, Moor took care of him, unaware of the fact that he'd become an Akuma.


Introduction Arc[]

Moore interrogates Allen

Moore interrogates Allen.

Moor made her debut in the series with her police partner, Charles, investigating a series of missing people in a church in their town.[4] When the two split up to investigate, Moor meets with Allen Walker, who was chasing a cat who ate his golem Timcanpy. Moor arrests Allen on suspicion, and handcuffs him to a chair nearby, when she hears a sound outside of the room. She goes to investigate, and sees Charles tied to a pillar, apparently shot by some high-caliber firearm.[5] His body is suddenly covered in purple pentagrams, and crumbles to pieces, releasing a poisonous mist. Allen then covers her mouth, protecting her from it, but she faints regardless.[6]

Moore and Akuma

Moore discovers the truth about Marc.

When Moor wakes up, she is in the police station, apparently carried there. Allen has been arrested by the inspector on the suspicion of murder,[7] and becomes under house arrest, with Moor guarding him at her house.[8] She takes the boy there, and introduces him to her brother-in-law, Marc. When Allen goes into explaining about "Akuma", Moor states that she does not believe in demons and ghosts. That is when Marc suddenly transforms into a Level 1 Akuma, releasing a mass of poisonous bullets at her and Allen. Moor and Allen are sent flying to the church by the momentum of the bullet.[9]

Moore after

Moor after Allen destroyed Claire.

Upon reaching the church, the inspector who placed Allen under house arrest earlier and his subordinates are there, questioning what happened. The Marc Akuma suddenly arrives, and kills all the officers there, much to Moor's horror.[10] When she cries out that the Akuma is nothing but a killing machine, Allen corrects her, revealing that Marc has contracted the Earl of Millennium to revive Claire, in his desperate love for her, only to be killed by Claire and had his skin worn as a disguise, and under the Earl's orders, Claire killed all who have entered the church. Allen then unleashes his Innocence, a massive left claw, and destroys the Claire Akuma, releasing her soul from torment, and then comforts Moor that her sister and brother-in-law are now in a better place.[11]

Although that is all Moor's appearance in the manga, she appears again in the anime. When Miranda Lotto was taken to the police station, Moor discovered that Miranda was heading to the Black Order and asked Miranda if she knows Allen. She came to help Miranda when she was attacked by Akumas but ended up getting her leg broken. Soon, Lenalee Lee came to save them.[12]


  • Moor likes cricket and bathing, and dislikes superstitions and criminals.[13]


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