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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Acting Skills: Nea has impressive acting skills, being able to perfectly emulate Allen's behavior with only a few clues about his past and personality from Timcanpy. Link stated that he would be able to fool anyone and would have fooled him too if not for his own Ki sensing abilities.

Knockout: Nea has performed a technique to knock out Johnny Gill by striking with a quick blow on his neck, effectively rendering him unconscious for more than five minutes.

Natural abilities as a Noah: As a Noah, Nea is naturally gifted with abilities that only humans with the Noah gene within their bodies active are able to possess, including a natural command of Akuma, immunity to the Akuma blood virus, and the power to use Dark Matter.

Immense fighting and killing prowess: Even though his exact abilities are unknown for now, Nea was able to successfully kill eleven Noah who are all superhuman individuals with unique abilities. Him being half of the original Earl of Millennium presumably gives him an enormous power.


Nea, his Piano, and Timcanpy, his musical "score".

The Pianist: He is also one of the three members of the family that have the authority to control Noah's Ark, the other two being Road and the Earl of Millennium.[1] Nea also has the power to pass on his abilities to use Noah's Ark to others, these powers referred to as being his "Will". While in Allen's body in Noah's Ark arc, he moved Allen's fingers and controlled the Ark.

Sword: Shown in one of the Flash backs, When The older Allen from 35 years ago, made a deal with Nea, He had the same sword that the Earl of Millennium uses today. (We could infer that when he killed Nea, he took his sword) [2][3][4]


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