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I'm going insane with anger but somehow I can maintain my sanity. Maybe it's because of you...
— Marie to Kanda after he was saved by him.

Noise Marie (ノイズ・マリ, Noizu Mari) is an Exorcist of Tiedoll Unit and member of the European Branch of the Black Order. After he was permanently blinded on a mission nine years ago and almost killed on another mission soon after, he was slated to become an experiment in the Second Exorcist Program, though he was healed by Yu Kanda and the project was shut down before any procedures could be performed.


Marie is an almost bald very tall man of large stature. He has mature facial features. He used to only keep a braid of tied hair on the back of his head but recently he cut it off to become completely bald.He often wears the standard order uniform. In most recent chapters, Marie has been seen with his head shaved. As Marie is blind, he also wears headphones he uses to amplify his sense of hearing. His Innocence is usually on his person in the form of ten metal rings, one on each finger, from which the strings of Noel Organon are produced. He has two artificial fingers on his right hand to replace the two Akuma Virus infected fingers, which he cut off.

Marie seems to have undergone a slight design change. In his first appearances he had a square fiercer face with a square nose. The 2006 anime had him dark-skinned while Hallow didn't.



Marie's golem

Marie's golem is the typical Black Order golem with bat wings and one eye.


Marie is typically a quiet, calm person, typically acting as the voice of reason for General Tiedoll's unit; he usually acts as a buffer between the other three members, protecting Tiedoll from Kanda's anger, trying to keep Daisya from angering Kanda, and urging Tiedoll on when he gets distracted. After an accident on a mission that blinded him years ago, while he was recovering in Asian Branch, he was approached by Bak Chang, who apologized and said that Marie must have hated them. Marie, though, said that he didn't mind, and that after losing so many comrades that dying would be a relief. After Kanda saved Marie from becoming a Second Exorcist and explained it to him, Marie admitted that he was angry with the Order, but that he was also more happy and grateful that he had met Kanda.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[1] Current[2]
Sophistication 4 4
Humanity 3 4
Combat Ability 3 4
Mental 4 5
Flexibility 3 3.5
Extra Statistics
Hearing 5 5


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