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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Enhanced Hearing: After losing his sight some years ago, Marie learned to rely on his hearing to observe the world around him. Since that time he has been given a pair of headphones by the science section, which he uses to amplify his already sharp hearing which allows him to do things from determining how many enemies there are in an area[1] to checking on the vital signs of allies from well over several meters away.[2] He can also detect if someone is lying from the pace of the person's heartbeat.[3]

Martial Skills : While we can see them training, we discover that Marie can spare on equal ground (and even take the upperhand by tricking him) with Allen Walker who is himself an individual with good martial proficiency. Marie seems quite talented and rather focused on his task, as always, when he tricks Allen by hitting him while he doesn't pay attention.


Noelorganon verseofthesaint

Marie using Noel Organon.

Noel Organon (聖人ノ詩篇(ノエル・オルガノン), Noeru Oruganon): Noel Organon is an equipment type Innocence that takes the form of ten rings that Marie wears on his fingers. When activated, the rings form tangible strings made of Innocence, which Marie controls the length of and can use ensnare and slice targets and opponents. He can also play 'melodies' on the strings, which result in various effects. Marie has shown being able to incapacitate multiple Giant Akuma effortlessly.

  • Noel Organon: Aria of Grief (聖人ノ詩篇(ノエル・オルガノン)「嘆きの旋律」, Noeru Oruganon "Nageki no Senritsu"): Marie wraps the target in his strings and claps his hands, causing a rancorous sound that is poisonous to Akuma to resonate through the target.[4]

Major Battles[]

  • Noise Marie and unkown exorcists VS Akumas
  • Noise Marie and Kanda VS Alma Karma
  • Noise Marie VS Akumas (while looking for general Tiedoll)
  • Noise Marie and Kanda VS Giant Akuma
  • Noise Marie and Tiedoll's team VS 30 Giants Akumas
  • Noise Marie, generals and Allen Walker VS Lulu Bell
  • Noise Marie, Kanda and Allen VS level 4 ( in Paris)
  • Noise Marie, Exorcists and CROWs VS Level 2, 3 and Giant Akumas, Madarao, Tewaku and Tokusa (anime only)


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