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The North American Branch (北米本部, Hokubei honbu), located in the United States, is one of the seven branches of the Black Order, overseen by Renny Epstain.


The North American Branch follows the traditional organization that all branches of the Black Order follow, with a Branch Chief and Chief Assistant overseeing general operation and seven subdivisions functioning concurrently. Lately, however, Central has been giving orders to the branch directly, skipping chains of command and not informing Black Order Chief Officer Komui Lee until after major projects (i.e. the Third Exorcist Project) were complete.

Special Duties[]

The North American Branch is the host facility of the Third Exorcist Program and, up until recently, was the containment facility of Second Exorcist Alma Karma.


Protective Spell anime

The North American Branch's defense system in action.

Located in a desert, the North American Branch is a black, pyramid structure built within a canyon and surrounded by four ornate pillars, one at each corner, that act as the building's defense system. It is the only branch so far that does not seem to have a sentient guardian.

In the Black Order's most recent conflict with the Noah Family, the entire North American Branch facility was destroyed by the awakening of Alma Karma. The status of the branch and whether or not it will be rebuilt or relocated due to such large-scale infiltration (as was the case with the European Branch) is currently unknown.Template:Clr

Notable Members[]


Branch Chief

Renny Epstain Hallow
Renny Epstain


Science Section
Black Order - Johnny Gill
Black Order - Tapp Dopp
Johnny Gill Tup Dop


  • The North American Branch facility[1] strongly resembles the Luxor hotel and casino, which is built along the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.


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