D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Pointless D.Gray Stories are a series of short, canonical comics based on things that are happening within the D.Gray-man storyline, but not within the reader's view.

Chapter 172[1][]

Lavi: Hurry up, Old Man. It's time for our mission.

Bookman: (brushing his hair) Give me a moment to fix my bedhead.

Lavi: Come on, you look fine.

Chapter 173[2][]

Someone: Johnny collapsed!

Reever: So carry him to the infirmary.

(Cache Dop carries Johnny on her back)

Onlooker 1: Ah, memories...

Onlooker 2: Tup would carry Johnny on his back when he passed out from exhaustion.

Onlooker 3: Johnny's out cold, but he's smiling. Cache's back must soothe him.

Onlooker 4: Those two should get married. ♥

Cache: No.

(The Science Department has high hopes for them.)

Chapter 174[3][]

(After regaining control of his body, Link sees himself crying on Timcanpy's replay.)

Link: (What did I do?!!)

Link on recording: Peeyaaah! Owee! Owee!

Allen: How much would you pay for this video?

Link: Walker, you jerk!!

Chapter 175[4][]

Bridget: (panting, to Lavi and Bookman) Have you seen the Chief?

Reever: (dragging an unconscious Komui) I've got him right here.

(Section Chief Reever is busy, as usual.)

Chapter 178[5][]

(Meanwhile, Inspector Galmar...)

Someone: Inspector! A visitor!

Inspector Galmar: (smoking, on the toilet) Huh?

Chapter 179[6][]

(Inside Timothy's head)

Timothy: (dreaming about himself, older, marrying Emilia) Zzz... Hee hee...

Tsukikami: (observing Timothy's dream) Heh heh...


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