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The Rabbit Akuma is a level 2 Akuma sent in Paris to capture Timothy Hearst. He is one of the antagonists of the Phantom Thief G Arc.


Rabbit Akuma

He appears as a big humanoid white rabbit thrice the size of a man. He has sharp teeth and red and white stipes and no iris. His long ears are also stripped. He has a kangaroo-like pocket in which are two little rabbits and where he puts those he captures.

His human form is that of a well dressed man with fair hair, a chapeau and a cane.



Rabbit akuma

Approaching the orphanage

When the nun broker calls the Earl to inform him about Timothy, He, a level 4, a level 3 and another level 2 supported by Skulls are sent to the orphanage. While the level 4 attacks from the roof they enter the dimension by the main door. 

They remain hidden downstairs while the the other level 2 does his job by intercepting the children and capturing Timothy. When Howard Link attacks, they show up and the level 3 smashes him in the wall while the rabbit akuma brags about being three and laughs. However Link manages to repel the level 3 and the wizard akuma attempts to catch him before he retries Timothy. At this moment Link created a big explosion.

The other level 2 having gotten rid of Howard, the rabbit akuma takes Timothy and put him in his belly pocket. He declares it is time to bring him to the earl while he and his two tiny rabbit drool noting that he looks tasty. Afterwards the akuma notes that Timothy has started to glow. They realize the nature of Timothy's power and he protests, claiming that "it's unfair". Timothy attacks again and kicks him as far as where Allen and the others are. Timothy then uses the akuma petrifying ability on the rabbit akuma who is turned into stone. Timothy then punches him and destroys him.

Power and Abilities[]

Natural Akuma abilities

Ventral Pocket: He can keep people in his ventral pocket.


  • The author mentioned in volume 3 that she would like someday to make an akuma from Yossy. He may be the achievement of this wish.[1]


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