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Reever Wenhamm (リーバー・ウェンハム, Rībā Wenhamu) is a member of the Black Order and is the current chief of the European Branch's Science Section, as well as leader of the Science Section's Division One. His areas of expertise are chemistry, mathematics and linguistics.[1]


Reever is a man of tall height and average build. He has messy, sandy blond hair, and is typically seen wearing a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a waistcoat and tie, and casual dress pants. Over it all, he wears a lab coat, which, after the European Branch's move to the new location, gained several marks of ranking, showing his position as the head of Science Section Division One. Recently, Reever has also started wearing his hair a bit shorter, though it still stands up messily. Reever also has a slight bit of stubble on his chin, and wears two bracelets, one on each wrist.

When not in uniform, Reever wears a more formal dress shirt, waistcoat and dress pants, as well as gloves. Reever has also been seen, on occasion, wearing a pair of reading glasses.


Despite becoming comically distressed when forced to deal with his superior, Komui Lee, Reever is a very focused and devoted individual. He has a very strong sense of duty to the Order and instils this duty in his team when they are fearful. Although he has no powers of his own, he is always willing to fight alongside the Exorcists, even going so far as to stand up to several Skulls when they were threatening his subordinates. Reever does not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, instead preferring various soft drinks.

Reever is a cautious and farsighted individual as shown by his including safety devices in all his creations. [2]

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[3] Current[4]
Sophistication 5 5
Humanity 4 5
Work Ability 4 5
Mental 3 5
Flexibility 3 3
Extra Statistics
Overworked 5 -
Chivalry - 5


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